HGTV Jasmine Roth Outdoor Patio Boho Style

How do you know when it’s time for a backyard makeover?  When the sun is getting hot, the grill is getting the dust wiped off, and, oh yeah, it DEFINITELY hang-outside-season!  Where I live in California, it’s nice enough to spend time outdoors most of the year, so I’m definitely well versed in the outdoor patio life.  But it’s not the most fun to be outside when you don’t have a pretty space that you want to be in.

So, is your patio or backyard lookin’ a little lackluster?  Like, maybe it needs a serious backyard makeover?  Whether you only need to add some cute new pillows or completely upgrade the space, picking an overall style is the best way to get started.

Determining your style for the space will make it easy to shop for decor and furniture. It also make the whole area feel cohesive in its design.  Sounds like a kinda boring first step, but I’ve made it fun and easy for you!  I was looking at past projects of mine and shopping online for cool decor, and came up with 5 different ways for you to makeover an outdoor patio or backyard space.  Which one is your favorite?!

My 5 Favorite Styles for a Backyard Makeover

1. Boho Backyard Hangout

Who doesn’t love a good boho design these days?! Think rattan, more earthy colors, and lots of fun textures when shopping for this look.

Mulberry 3-Piece Patio Set // Ombre Outdoor Rug // Clay Hanging Planter // Woven Tassel Pillow // Opalhouse String Lights

2. Coastal Cool Down Spot

HGTV Jasmine Roth Outdoor Backyard Makeover

A coastal look is a great way to go if you like a more classic or Cape Cod style.  Blue tones will reign supreme in your color choices with this look. However, don’t be afraid to punch it up with another accent color.

Acacia Wood Loveseat // Tonal Border Outdoor Rug // Recycled Glass Terranium // Concrete Patio Umbrella Base // Cabana Stripe Pouf // Rattan Planter Stand

3. Tropical Tiki Oasis

This particular look invites in a lot of bold color and patterns, so if that’s your jam then this is the perfect style for you.  I think a tropical design style works especially well in really plant-heavy backyards (or patios with a lot of potted plants).  I’ve also seen tropical designs pulled off in more muted color palettes.  They both turn out really pretty!

Jute Mat // 2-Piece Patio Set // Bird of Paradise with Pot // Woven Outdoor Chair Cushion // Tropical Outdoor Pouf // Bamboo Tiki Torch

4. Modern Patio with a Fire Pit

HGTV Jasmine Roth Outdoor Backyard Makeover

Speaking of a muted color palette, a modern look is always classic because you can start with a neutral base and add color seasonally (or whenever it strikes your fancy!).  Clean lines and geometric patterns are the way to go when pulling off this look. It will look great either more monochromatic or on the more colorful side.

Beacon Hill Patio Sectional // Directional Outdoor Rug // Black Metal Lantern // Woodburning Firepit // Push & Tilt Patio Umbrella // Charcoal Planter

5. Kid-Friendly Kickback Lounge

HGTV Jasmine Roth Outdoor Backyard Makeover

Last but definitely not least, if your outdoor space is mostly governed by your kiddos, it can still be really beautiful.  When designing for my families with younger kids, I tend to opt for a round coffee table, a durable rug, lots of soft and cushy textures, and fun colors.  It can still be the kid space while being your space, too 🙂 .  Fun twinkle lights and kiddie pools are a must!

Modern Stripe Rug // 5-Piece Patio Dining Set // Macrame Plant Hanger // Inflatable Pool // Metal Folding Chair // Colored Orb Light

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