Cruising my shop for this project was so much fun because the homeowners just had so much dang personality. I did my best to capture their cool, youthful vibe in the design and made sure to add lots of quirky touches. And if your question in regards to the photograph below is, “Did you really wallpaper the inside of the dog cave?” Then my answer is a resounding, “Yes, I did.”

Yes, I did.

Check out all these goodies from my shop if you’d like to capture a little of this cheerful industrialism in your own home. (Hint: to prevent the industrial design from feeling too cold, I used lots of warm whites and creams to keep the space’s energy bright and inviting.)

1.) Pause Mug Because we could all use this reminder every so often.  SOLD OUT!

2.) Winter Warm Throw This blanket feels so Scandilicious, I use it in my designs, and at home, whenever I can.  SOLD OUT!

3.) Clay Boxes Contrary to what Instagram might have you believing, we all have junk lying around our homes. Might as well toss it all into these cute little boxes. And voila! A home worthy of Insta-envy.

4.) Rolling Hills Wood Bench – This bench is just so cool. That’s all I have to say about that.

5.) Dewy Pouf Poufs are so great for extra seating, as a casual ottoman, or even as a coffee or end table (with the addition of a sturdy tray.)

6.) Water Embossed Pitcher Impress guests AND stay hydrated in style with this tall drink of water. 

7.) Bret Natural Rug Seagrass is probably in my top ten list of favorite rug materials. And yes, I do have a top ten list of favorite rug materials. What? Don’t you?

8.) Carina Stoneware Jar Stoneware, don’t care.

9.) Mongolian Rug You had me at “Mongolian.”

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