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Hazel’s Easter Basket Ideas


You guys, I’m not even joking – I’ve gotten so into coming up with Hazel’s Easter basket ideas that I went a little overboard.  Alright, let me back up a sec: it’s her first Easter (she was born April 21, which was after Easter last year).  And I just LOVE celebrating new moments with her.  Watching her face experience new things and make new memories – she completely melts me.  So, yeah… I may or may not have 5 different Easter basket ideas for her.  Which one should I choose?!  I’m sharing them all here in case you need some ideas too!

Hazel’s Easter Basket Ideas

1. Unicorn-Themed Basket

Felt Unicorn Basket // Natural Nail Polish // Colorful Crinkle Paper // Soft Unicorn Toy // Cupcake Silicone Teether // Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk

2. Easter-y Basket

Woven Easter Basket // Crinkle Paper // Pastel Hair Bows // Bunny Go Fish Game // Stacking Cups // Easter-Themed Book // Plush Easter Play Set

3. Dinosaur-Themed Basket

Felt Dino Basket // Sparkly Play-Doh // Board Book // Soft Dinosaur Toy // Personalized Dino Puzzle // Laugh & Learn Gamer // Turtle Bath Sponge // Colorful Crinkle Paper

4. Learning-Themed Easter Basket

Woven Easter Basket // Metallic Crinkle Paper // Bunny Ears Headband // Matching Game // Twistables Crayons // Cactus Hanging Toy // Coloring Book // Scented Chalk

5. Rainbow-Themed Basket

Woven Easter Basket // Crinkle Paper // Chew Cube Teether // Board Book // Rainbow Teether // Colorblock Wallet // Bubble Wands



  1. Sandy

    I like the Easter & Learning baskets best ?

  2. Jessica

    Definitely some fun and creative ideas! I appreciate the share bc I tend to run into the same ideas each year. Definitely using some of your ideas for this year though. Thanks!

  3. CAROL

    From hazel’s photo, so glad to see they still make that “bamming” toy. I was born in ’46 and had one. Drove my mother crazy but I loved it!

  4. Lori Butcher

    I love the Easter-y basket. I think it will be the one she finds most interesting at her age.

  5. Karen

    I love all Easter baskets, hmmm I wonder which one miss Hazel will pick.

  6. Carin

    I think the Easter-Y Basket will be perfect for Hazel at her age. You have given great ideas for children of all age groups. Love reading your blog Jasmine!


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