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How to Make Your Living Room Feel Like a Movie Theater


I don’t know about you guys, but I sure miss being in a giant movie theater with my giant tub of popcorn.  Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Jasmine, you have a brand new baby, you wouldn’t be able to go to the movies anyway right now!”  I know, I know!  So regardless of this COVID-19 situation, I’d still be itching for a little escape, even if it’s just to the couch with a special movie theater-watching setup.

So to carry yourself away to the movie theater of your dreams (pretend with me!), we’re going to make your living room super cozy and help you stock up on awesome at-home movie gear to set the mood.  I’m talkin’ cushy pillows, comfy throw blankets, popcorn makers and even a projector!  Let’s make your home feel like your new favorite theater – and please tell me your favorite movies in the comments because I need some stuff to watch while snuggling with Hazel!

Below: This living room is stocked with cozy blankets and pillows, and YES, there’s a TV hiding behind that artwork!

And here’s a Pro Tip: Get yourself a weighted blanket ASAP.  This is my fave thing to both gift to others and use when I really need to relax.  If you’ve never used one before, it’s gonna blow your mind!  Check out all my other favorite at-home movie essentials below!


Cozy Jacquard Pillow Cover // Bobble Knit Pillows // Knotted Fringe Pillow // Southwest Geo Pillow // Woven Plaid Pillow // Color Blocked Pillow


Cotton Knit Throw // Cable Knit Throw // Luxe Chenille Throw // Recycled Cotton Throw


Darien Pouf // Lory Pouf // Chunky Knit Pouf

Weighted Blankets

Bearaby Tencel Blanket // Sherpa Weighted Blanket // 12 LB Tranquility Blanket

Popcorn Goodies

Personalized Enamel Bowl // Popcorn Boxes // Theater Popcorn Machine // Hot Air Popper // Stir Crazy Machine // All Natural Popcorn Kernels // Large Popcorn Bowl

Projectors & Gear

Foldable Projection Screen // Mini Tripod Projector // Portable Projector // Mini Projector and Speaker // Samsung Frame Series TV

Already have a cool home movie theater?  Show me!  I love getting new ideas.

P.S. Need other ways to fuel your creativity (or boredom!) during quarantine?  Make a DIY hidden art station for the kids, have yourself a self-care basket, or even start planning that big kitchen remodel!  The ideas are endless here!


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