I know you might not want to hear it, but it’s been COLD here in Southern California! Cold enough to allow for a fire in the fireplace. Brett and I have had ours roaring the past few nights and it’s reminded me of just how cozy and homey a fireplace can make us feel. Often times, however, the fireplace is a forgotten feature in the home.

Most people have central heating and there’s no longer the need to gather around the fireplace for warmth. The thing is though, that most houses still have one. And if you’re going to have something in your home, it had better be either beautiful, or functional or, ideally both. And I LOVE a good fireplace remodel or makeover.

Here are some of my favorite fireplace refreshes I’ve done over the past few years

Let’s start with some Before and Afters, because looking at these photos always feels so PRODUCTIVE!

Fireplace Before and Afters

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Fireplaces usually play a key role in my room designs, because they are often built as the centerpiece of the room, even though they are rarely used as such. It is my goal, however, to bring back the burn! To reinstate the fireplace to its proper place at the head of the table. The center of family gatherings. The sun of the design solar system. The hearth of the home.

Fireplace Finals

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fireplaces 02
fireplaces 07
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fireplaces 03
fireplaces 04
fireplaces 09
fireplaces 08
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Fireplace DIY Styling Tips

I LOVE styling and decorating fireplaces. There’s something about it that just feels so satisfying. I restyle my own often and enthusiastically (even when I probably should be enthusiastically emptying out the dishwasher.) Here are a few tips to consider if you’re thinking about redecorating your own fireplace, whether just changing out the accessories, or doing a full resurfacing.

Where to start with a refresh?

1.) Make It Make Sense. When choosing the material for the fireplace, make sure it compliments the rest of your design. Try to pull colors and materials in from other parts of the design scheme. The best fireplace ideas can come from the rest of the room!

jasmine roth hidden potential fireplace ideas

2.) Think Outside the Brick. Sure, traditional fireplaces have been built from brick, but don’t limit yourself to that option. (Although don’t rule it out, either! I loved the way this brick fireplace turn out!) There is also tile, micro-cement, wall paper, and wood moulding to consider.

jasmine roth hidden potential fireplace ideas

4.) To Mantle, or to Dis-Mantle? Depending on your design aesthetic, you may choose to add or not to add a mantle. Typically, “dis-mantling” your design gives the fireplace a more modern vibe. However, there are also endless fireplace mantle ideas as well! (Like the tiki-themed mantle linked here.)

jasmine roth hidden potential fireplace mantle ideas

How to decorate?

5.) Draw the Eye. It’s important to call attention to the fireplace as a design feature, and this can be done using any array of different items. Art, mirrors, hanging plants, and unique wall hangings are just a few suggestions. What I want is for it to have a real, “Look at me!” moment.

jasmine roth hidden potential DIY fireplace decorating ideas

6.) Vignette It Up. When putting the finishing touches on a fireplace refresh, I like to look at it like a little vignette. What story do I want this fireplace to tell? How do I make it feel complete? Often times, this involves plants, vases, and baskets in some combination. All of these items add texture and interest to the design, while also softening the abundance of hard materials necessary to build a working chimney.

7.) Okay, Okay, Let’s Talk TVs. I get it. People watch TV. I ALWAYS wire above my fireplaces for televisions, even if I don’t always style them that way because, let’s be honest, a big, black television screen isn’t exactly aesthetically appealing. If you have to go with a TV there, there’s a really amazing FRAMED TELEVISION set by Samsung that actually looks just like a framed piece of art. You can set the screen to your favorite seascape or abstract art and voila! You AND your sports-fanatic spouse are both happy.


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