Hi. My name’s Jasmine. My friends call me Jazzy, Jasmina, and Hambino (don’t ask). I like just about anything woven from natural fibers, crisp, black and white accents, and stylish storage solutions. Also, long walks on the beach and puppies. Also, all of these really cool things that are new to my shop this month:

CONCORD MARBLE CUTTING BOARD $28.00 USD: Stone cold awesome.

BICKLEY MEASURING CUPS $34.00 USD: What’s black and white and cute all over? These measuring cups, obvi!!

SIENA MAGAZINE RACK $145.00 USD: Rattan plus storage equals the perfect match.

HESS WOOD TRAY, $85.00 USD: Wood tray? Sign me up. You can never have too many of these. Like shoes, jeans, good books, and potted plants.

DRYBROOK LANE PRINT SET, $275.00 USD: These prints are so feeling my vibe right now. Bold but simple; striking but also understated. Framed and ready to hang, they are an easy way to elevate any space.

REMORA TABLE LAMP, $165.00 USD: Ummmm, where has this lamp been all my life? I can tell you where it is now; right on top of my nightstand so I can gaze at it every night before I fall asleep.

POPPY SEAGRASS BASKET, $70.00 USD: Pretty much the perfect basket.

GRIMSBY PILLOW, $75.00 USD: Nothing grim about this pillow; just cheerful fringe and the perfect palette.

LEIGHTON PENDANT LIGHT, $176.00 USD: One of these lights would be so awesome on it’s own, but what I’d really love to see is a collection of 5 or 7 hung at various heights over a large kitchen island.

HULL WATER PITCHER, $55.00 USD: One “hull” of a piece, for a really great price.

Click here if you’d like to meet up and do some shopping. I think we could really have something special together. xx


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