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My 5 Favorite Interior Paint Colors


One thing I’m asked about constantly is what my favorite interior paint colors are.  And it’s clear that you guys LOVE hearing what paint colors I use in my projects!  Whether it’s for front doors, or kitchen cabinets, or exteriors, we’ve been seeing a lot of appreciation for the posts that share my paint tips here on the blog.  I love it!  So let’s keep it going, shall we?

First, interior paint can be tricky since you also need to consider your trim, door colors, and ceiling colors.  All of these elements need to look good together and if one of them is the wrong color, that can throw off the whole space. So I’m going to kick this post off with a major pro tip: for ceilings and all trim work in all my projects, I use Pure White 7005 by Sherwin-Williams.  If you want to go ahead and use that color for your trim and ceilings, any of these colors I’m about to share with you will work on the walls.  You’re welcome!

Next, you’re probably not surprised, but my favorite interior colors are all neutrals.  I like to keep it classic on huge decisions (like painting the whole inside of your house!) and then layer in personality and color through decor.  It’s my jam, and it works!  And one more very important note: paint colors look different in different rooms and homes.

What looks great in your neighbor’s kitchen might not look so hot in your bathroom.  So never just buy paint and start brushing it on the walls without first testing several colors in your space.  Watch your test swatches throughout the day to see how the color changes with the light of day and then night.

My 5 Favorite Interior Paint Colors

1. SnowboundHGTV Jasmine Roth's Favorite Interior Paint Colors

This Snowbound color is a warm, dare I say slightly beige (but in a good way!) white. It will provide warmth to your space while still feeling light and airy!

Here are some Snowbound examples below from past projects:

2. Repose Gray

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Favorite Interior Paint Colors

If you don’t want to go with white walls but still want a neutral vibe, then Repose Gray is a great choice. When paired with white trim or white backsplash it provides great contrast, but still feels really clean at the same time.

Here are some Repose Gray examples below from past projects:

3. Faded Gray

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Favorite Interior Paint Colors

Despite the name, this Faded Gray paint color definitely reads more white. This is an awesome warm neutral that I think pairs really well with more rustic elements, like the antique door in the photo above! It’s crisp, but not glaringly white.

Here are some Faded Gray examples below from past projects:

4. City Loft

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Favorite Interior Paint Colors

The color beige gets a bad rap, but I think it’s because some beige colors are REALLY BEIGE. This City Loft paint color is the faintest of beiges, so it will almost read white in some very brightly lit spaces. But it will feel like it has more depth than a true white at the same time.

Here are some City Loft examples below from past projects:

5. AlabasterHGTV Jasmine Roth's Favorite Interior Paint Colors

Another tried and true favorite neutral tone is Alabaster.  It looks so great with Pure White trim. If you look here, it’s in the same paint color family, and is a creamy white-ish, beige-ish tone that feels fresh and modern.

Here are some Alabaster examples below from past projects:

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  1. Christine

    Great neutral colours! Will be painting our new home once we move in!

    • Jasmine

      Awesome! Let me know which color you pick 🙂

  2. Connie

    What are your favorite vibrant colors for walls or accents?

  3. Pam

    The walls in my living room are currently green…I like them, but I’m ready for a change….thank you for sharing your favorite colors…I am leaning towards using Repose grey….😉

    • grace

      I love your recommendations, love the paint colors and combinations you usually use in your projects! actually I have painted my living room of repose gray but I dont be sure what color of furniture go great with it.

  4. Heather

    Thanks for sharing! I just got done painting our sons room Repose Grey, I was so excited to see it on your list.

    • Jasmine

      Awesome! I bet it looks great 🙂

  5. Ash

    So, we live in Western NY and with a lot of cold dreary months it has been hard for me to decide on paint colors for new build. I know all of these greys that are beautiful might not work here. (Of course people can still be happy with grey walls here!)
    Any ideas for more colors for this type of location? Or does it just not matter haha

    • Jasmine

      These greys are so light and airy that they’d still make your home feel bright on a dreary day – they’re not your typical grey people usually think of. But if you want to lean into a color maybe try swatches of Sherwin-Williams Underseas or Tealight by Benjamin Moore for actual colors that aren’t too bold.

  6. Elizabeth

    Would you recommend these colors with a chestnut trim? I love love love white trim work however we are moving into a 1920s craftsman style home with original chestnut wood work that I really cannot bring myself to paint. What neutrals would you recommend for dark trim?

    • Jasmine

      Oh I don’t blame you! I’d try swatches of Snowbound, Alabaster and Pure White and see what looks best with the chestnut before committing to painting. Good luck!

  7. Marti Davis

    I just painted a caned headboard Snowbound and I love it. I bought the headboard off of FB Marketplace and the previous owner had done some chalk paint Shabby Chic thing to it. My only option was to repaint and it looks soooo much better! I’m pairing it with Repose Gray on the walls.
    Love your blog!

    • Jasmine

      That will be a great pairing!

  8. Judy

    Hi I’m wondering your favorite exterior colors. We recently put siding up and having thee hardest time.

  9. Kerry

    My entire house (except for the kid’s rooms) is painted in the Alabaster. I wanted it to match my IKEA kitchen cabinets and to make our open concept look even bigger. It is warm and beautiful in any light. Our bathrooms, trim and ceiling are all in Pure White too!
    Love your design aesthetic, Jasmine! You’re the best.

  10. Martina

    Hi there! Which of these paint colors would work best with white kitchen cabinets?

  11. Efe


    Amazing neutrals, thank you ! I couldn’t help to notice most floors on these recommendations are on the warmer tones. What do you suggest for a gray flooring to bring some warmth without clashing. City Loft or Snowbound ? This is for a Spanish style home. 🙂

  12. Katie

    Hi Jasmine – do you recommend using the same color for bathrooms for overall cohesiveness?

  13. Dinah Rogers

    For the front door on a 1957 brick ranch, do you have a favorite to suggest other than turquoise, orange, or lime green which is often seen in design magazines? Our brick is a solid muted red with same color grout. There are large white-painted brick elements, including built-in planters and a mega chimney. We plan to add a cedar fence and some matching horizontal cedar accent panels on the house in the near future. I’m leaning toward a non-pastel aqua on the door, a little more green than turquoise. What do you think? Thanks!

  14. Del Lopez

    I love all your designs and colors you use. I want to paint my bathroom and would like your bathroom paint picks please. Thanks!


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