When I started working on the art for my nursery, I knew I was in trouble. Choosing art is always my favorite part of any design process. It’s such a great way to personalize a space, express your personality, create a collection that you love, and support local artists, or non-local artists, or even just the concept of art and creative expression. In fact, finding a piece of art that I LOVE is often the way that I start a design, using it as the inspiration for the entire project. In the case of my nursery, I found this wall mural that I absolutely love:

Now, I have to admit that Brett isn’t fully sold on this mural idea, so I don’t know if we’ll be using it or not. BUT, regardless, I can still use it as my inspo piece and color palette. Working within those parameters, I put together a collection of favorite pieces:


I love all of these so much, and I want to break it down for you as to why.

First, art is a great way to add “greenery” into a room without adding the maintenance of a real, live plant. Since I’ll have plenty of care taking responsibility on my hands once the baby is born, these prints were a good compromise for this self-admitted plant-lady.

I love cheerful text art with lots of positive vibes:

And for this particular nursery design, I’m drawn to bold, graphic prints that contrast nicely with the watercolor effect of the mural (Side Note: As shown in Slide 4, I’m starting to see these curated collections of wall prints sold together as a set that take all the guess work and nerves out of selecting coordinating art for a gallery wall and I LOVE it!):

I also love the idea of using alternative materials, such as framed fabric, or other multi-dimensional art to add a different texture into the room:

And then there are so many wall decor alternatives to a traditional art prints. For example, garland, bookshelves, mirrors, and lighting fixtures:


There is no concrete reason that I added these next pieces, other than that I’m just drawn to them, and really, what better reason is there than that for picking art? (And yes, that last photo is a Gray Malin print of a monkey playing ping pong. And yes, I am very, very drawn to this piece and no, I can’t explain why. I mean, it’s a monkey playing ping pong!! Is there any further explanation needed??)


And then there are these, some of my favorite artists, that I am always looking for a good excuse to add more of into my personal art collection:

Clockwise from top left:

1.) Lisa Cogden, 2.) Lisa Cogden, 3.) Sunwoven, 4.) Oliver Jeffers

And there you have it. A veritable gallery of art for my nursery with no real decisions made. Brett votes against the mural and doesn’t have any picks in its stead. And I have too many picks. Which leaves you, my fair readers, to help me decide. What do you think? What would you do? If you had to pick just one piece from the selections above, which would it be and why?



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