Rock the Block premiered last night on HGTV, and even though I was there, doing the thing, every day during filming, and even though I lived and breathed this production for months straight, I was still amazed by the final result. I mean, this was a BIG production. Big, big, big.

  • Big Names: I have no qualms about admitting the fact that I am the total underdog in this list of amazing designers. I’m just happy to be listed among them, but come on! Leanne Ford, Mina Start, and Alison Victoria, yo!
  • Big Budgets: We had $175,000 to use in order to complete this entire renovation. That’s a LOT of money on the table, multiplied by FOUR!
  • Big Payoff: The winner gets bragging rights, which in this group is a very BIG deal. AND a street named after them. And, a major notch on their proverbial tool belt.

In case you might not have had a chance to watch the first episode yet, which reveals all four of the Master Bedrooms, I’m going to start the first of my 5 upcoming Rock the Block (RTB) posts with a Shop the Look focus, so that I won’t spoil the awesome reveals from the premiere. This will give you a week to get caught up, and then I’ll be posting individual Sourcebooks for each episode that airs, sharing all the specs and details of each room’s design. This includes the Master Bedroom, the Kitchen, the Great Room, and then the overall design and Final Decision.

I hope you will follow along with me on this incredible journey. Now, let’s get started! Today, I’m going to give you the full Sourcebook for all the furniture, accessories, and decor that we spent hours upon hours agonizing over in order to get JUST RIGHT.  But there shall be no agonizing for you, dear friend!! Just scroll and ye shall find.

I’m featuring items from the Shop by Jasmine Roth first (obvi), and then moving on to all of the other unique, curated, hand-sourced items that came together to make this California Contemporary home so truly special. I hope you find this to be a winning collection! Worthy of awards! And prizes! And street names!

Check it:


1.) ONLY GOOD VIBES DOORMAT, $40.00 USD: Seriously. Only good vibes. That means you, Steve Ford. Don’t be all up in here trying to snoop.

2.) NALA STRIPE PILLOWS, set of 2, $88.00 USD: Neutral stripes for days. #twinning

3.) DREAM DOT PILLOW, $35.00 USD: This pillow really is a dream combo of texture, pattern, and squishy comfort.

4.) SILVERSPUR PLANTER, $114.00 USD: This piece can be used with or without the wooden stand; here, in the pantry, it adds a touch of green, and the feeling that this, too, is a room worthy of intentional design.

5.) YOU ARE THE BUTTER TO MY BREAD | BIN, $74.00 USD:This bread tin puts the “fun” in functional. And if bread alone weren’t enough to make me smile (which it absolutely is), then this clever little bread tin would absolutely do the trick (which it absolutely does).

6.) OCEAN SPRAY ENAMEL BOWLS, $100.00 USD: I just have a thing for enamel bowls, okay? I like the weight of them, and their utilitarian nature. Except these ones have a little blue marbling that elevates them from the campsite to California Contemporary territory.

7.) WILL YOU COTTON RUG, $49.00 USD: I used this rug in the master to add bold stripes and layered texture to the mix. Hint: Runners aren’t just for the kitchen or a hallway: try using one at the foot of your bed, layered on top of a larger rug.

8.) ROUND HAND PLATTERS, Set of 2, $94.00 USD: Displayed against the backsplash or used on the kitchen island to feature a collection of favorite items, these warm, organic wooden platters are a win either way.

9.) JUNE TAPESTRY, $56.00 USD: In this case, going gray is ALL GOOD. I’d hang with June any day, any time.

10.) MONGOLIAN LAMB RUG, $205.00 USD: This little lamb of a rug packs a lion of a lunch in any space. I used TWO in the living room to make it feel extra cozy, and extra welcoming, and just EXTRA all around! The one in this photo is being used to make this low-slung leather chair feel super soft and inviting. And I can’t show you the other one because I don’t want to ruin the Living Room reveal.


If that’s not enough to get your creative design juices flowing, then feast your eyes on THIS big whammy of an Online Shopping Sourcebook:


Thank you so much for reading, and for your support, and please join me in watching Rock the Block each week on HGTV, Mondays at 9/8 Central.

Go #TeamJasmine!!!!!

P.S. There are some really fun extras related to this show over on You can take a quiz to see which designer you would be (would it be weird if I took it and found out I was a Mina?), and also some awesome #womenwhobuild round tables where my competition and I discuss everything from how we got started to where we think the industry is headed.

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