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Splurge vs. Save: Lighting and Hardware


Lighting and hardware always sound like really expensive things to buy for your home… but they don’t have to be. No, really! It’s true. If you shop around and do your research, you can find a very similar look to a “splurge” version you see for a fraction of the cost. It’s kinda one of my favorite things to do, actually: find amazing lighting and hardware on a budget!

And sometimes it’s all about mixing high and low.  Whether it’s on Hidden Potential, Help! I Wrecked My House, or even in my own home, sometimes the best look comes from splurging on one cool thing and then peppering in more budget-friendly “dupes,” as the kids say. So you KNOW I had to find you guys my picks for hardware and lighting in my latest series of Splurge vs. Save!

My Favorite Lighting and Hardware Finds: Splurge Vs. Save Edition

1. The White Dome Pendant

This is such a timeless look for a more modern space, or one that has Scandinavian or minimalist vibes. The less glossy Splurge version is so pretty, but if you aren’t too hung up on the finish, the Save is a major score!

Splurge Pendant // Save Pendant

2. The Bamboo Pendant Shade

If you need a pendant that screams “boho!” or want to bring some warmth and texture into your space, this is it! The Save version is smaller, but the look is very similar.

Splurge Pendant // Save Pendant

3. The Sculptural Globe Pendant

This is a really popular look, and if you’re needing more than one – maybe to hang over your island or to flank your bathroom vanity mirror?! But then you gotta go for the Save!

Splurge Pendant // Save Pendant

4. The Iron Glass Pendant

Calling all traditional style fans! Holy smokes, the Save is so similar and has a much smaller price tag.

Splurge Pendant // Save Pendant

5. The Metal Drum Light

Whichever you pick – the Splurge or the Save – this is such a good look! This light fixture would be pretty versatile with many design styles.

Splurge Pendant // Save Pendant

6. The Brushed Gold Knob

You know I’ve used a brass knob or two in my day! I just love the brushed gold look – it’s super clean but brings in a bit of interest at the same time.

Splurge Hardware // Save Hardware

7. The Classic Metal Bar Pull

These would look great in a home that’s got some farmhouse or even industrial vibes. And unless you’re super nit-picky about the depth of the handle, the Save is nearly identical here!

Splurge Hardware // Save Hardware

8. The Rattan Wall Hook

I LOVE a good storage solution, especially a set of cute wall hooks. These rattan options are so cute and would be a fun feature in an entryway or even a bathroom or kids room!

Splurge Hardware // Save Hardware

9. The Crystal Doorknob

Aww, crystal doorknobs are just so sweet! If you have a cottage or a home with lots of vintage details you MUST get one – I insist! 🙂

Splurge Hardware // Save Hardware

10. The Gold Towel Ring

One of my favorite things to do in bathroom designs is to use a unique towel ring. I mean, why wouldn’t you?! These are two gold ring options I love: Splurge or Save, they’re both winners.

Splurge Hardware // Save Hardware


  1. Micah Kennealy

    I love saving money while still decorating and designing our home to make it ours. This is such an eye opener when shopping the market. Love that I can still make our house feel homie and classy while saving money and being wise! Thanks Jasmine!

  2. Karin

    Wow! Good to know. Thank you!

  3. Colleen

    This is so very helpful! You have saved me hours of time searching for a pendant light- thank you! Please do these posts all the time! Wall decor, textiles, home furnishings,etc!!!

  4. Maria

    Just remodeled our bathroom. Need ardware, towel rods, towels and accessories. Love your ideas.

  5. Jessica

    These were great tips. I am currently in the process of starting a new build on my forever home and saving money on decor and things that make your house pop is a plus! Love your show!!!

  6. Tova Stelly

    We are picking this out now for our new build. Thank you for the sources!

  7. Trish

    Definitely keep this segment going! I am a huge SAVE fan 🙂

  8. Darlene M

    Wow, great and valuable information

  9. Wendy d

    Thanks for showing such great style ideas–affordably!

  10. Kelly

    This is very helpful, thank you for sharing your story with us!


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