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So, I’m quickly learning that something as seemingly good-natured as the best baby teethers can be surprisingly polarizing among parents. But please take it easy on me because I’m a first timer here, and am just trying to make the best, most informed decisions I can with the impossibly limited information I have at my disposal. By limited, I’m referring to the fact that I don’t even know if my baby will like teethers or not! But, I always operate under the assumption that it’s best to be prepared. So I want to have at least one or two of these teethers on hand to offer up for baby girl.

Do you have a teether saved your life? What was the best teether toy that your baby loved – did I miss it on my list? Was there something else helped to soothe your teething baby? And BTW, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your feedback. I am soaking it all in. Basking in it. Becoming one with the teether. (Or maybe becoming anti-teether, as the case may be?) But for now, here is the list of recommendations I’ve received from friends and family and strangers on the street.


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The best baby teethers:

Here are three of what seem to be the best teether toys for a new baby!

1.) My niece (actually, my 1st cousin, once removed, but niece is so much easier to say, isn’t it?) was just visiting, and she was happily mowing this pineapple teether toy like there was no tomorrow.


2.) I’ve of course been noticing these nursing necklaces much more often now on moms. I’m self-admittedly the world’s worst fashion accessorizer, but maybe, as a mother, I’ll turn over a new leaf of functional-accessories!? This Mona Silicone Baby Teething Necklace with teething beads seems like it may be a winner!


3.) Speaking of seeing things more often, this Raw Baltic Amber Teething Necklace seems to be the best baby teether on the market! This necklace for baby is cute, and so many people have vouched for it that I can’t NOT buy it.


Between finding the perfect play mat or shoes, I almost forgot these items on my registry! I’ll blame it on pregnancy brain? The good news is, I found the perfect pregnancy jeans!


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