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The Little Red Piano That Could


Ok, if there was a way (and we’re not saying there isn’t, we just don’t know how) to have Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” playing while writing/reading this post, it would be perfect.  Cue the middle school piano recital, the sister that’s way better at playing than you are, or you know, that guy at Nordstrom.  Ok, so our piano savvy might be a little low, but that didn’t keep us from pulling the trigger on this junker at the Long Beach Antique Swap Meet.  Covered in dust, dings, and with the most generic old finish — we knew it would be the most wonderful painted piano.  It worked great and the vendor only sold pianos, meaning we knew we were going to have a really cool WORKING piano at the end of our project.  Next step – choose a color!

We knew we wanted to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because you don’t have to sand or prime.  Amazing right?  So we sat down with the color chart.  Hmmmm…

We decided on Emperor’s Silk which we know as a bold red.  We taped off the keys and pedals and got to work!

We painted, and painted, and painted some more.  We did at least three coats, four in some areas.  We were covered in red paint.  Fingers, hair, clothes…we kept working!Finally (we’re talking a good solid 30 hours of paint time) we were done with the red!  We opted for a Satin Polyurethane as our final coat.  We aren’t sure if this is a recommended final coat, but it turned out great!

And we were DONE!  Although we dreamed of dinner parties, sundown cocktails on the front patio, perhaps our nephew taking his first lesson – this thing was heavy and not exactly something you want to be moving around all the time.  Not to mention we don’t play…

We decided to put it for sale on our ETSY Store and of course, it sold right away!

Here is some eye candy of the finished product.  

And that’s it!  Would you paint a piano?


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