Hi Guys, Jazzy here. I wanted to say a quick thank you to all those who share such kind and enthusiastic comments with me whenever I share my personal travel stories on Insta. Traveling to new places has always been really important to me for a number of reasons. I think it brings Brett (my husband) and I closer by creating new memories, facing new challenges, and experiencing new things together. I think it’s a special way to connect, or reconnect with family and friends, far away from the chaos of everyday life. I think it’s a great way to provide perspective.  And, lastly, I think it’s a most excellent reminder of the diversity of people, geography, culture, and beauty that exist on this planet we all call home.

Since I can’t travel 24/7, however, I decided to design my (okay, technically “our”, but who are we kidding) bedroom with a nod toward past adventures and as a reminder of all the places and things and people still out there, waiting to be explored.

I’d like to share here some photos of my travel-inspired room, in the hopes of inspiring you to similarly surround yourself with people and things and memories that make you happy, and that speak to who you are and what’s important to you way down deep, and to always be on the lookout for new adventures in their many, many manifestations.

(Want the look without the legwork? No judgement, here. Just click the icons in each photo to skip the jetlag and find similar items online.)

1.) Custom Photo Wallpaper: It’s a bold statement, yes, but first off, it’s removable, and second, it makes me happy, gosh darn it. This pic was taken way back in our college days with the Matterhorn in the distance. @brettrothofficial looks like such a baby!


1.) Drums and Wooden Carvings from our African Safari honeymoon.

2.) Travel Books from some of the places we’ve been. For some reason, I still like to research new places the old-fashioned way, using books, not my computer.

3.) Coral from our favorite beach (I can’t say where, incase the Department of Agriculture is reading.)

4.) Vintage Globe. (Add another layer of interest with a little glass dome.)

5.) Requisite “heart drawn in the sand” photo from Costa Rica.


1.) Hand-Woven Rope Hanging: This looks exotic, and calls to mind a hammock on a remote beach, but in full disclosure, I purchased it from this amazing, Australian Etsy artist, Ranran Designs. I’ll take one of everything from her shop, please.

2.) Sand Pillow: Similar to the wall hanging above, this lumbar pillow brings the beach to mind, even though it wasn’t purchased in a foreign land. The plain, bold font and distressed fabric keep it from being too cutesy.

3.) Gray Ceilings: Okay, so this has nothing to do with travel, but I do LOVE them! The soft, gray paint calls attention to the T&G detailing on the vaulted ceilings, which may otherwise be overlooked.


1.) Driftwood from another favorite beach. (Shhh, don’t tell DOA.)

2.) Shells from yet another favorite beach. (Okay, I may officially be on the DOA’s Most Wanted List, but it’s worth it, for all this #shelfie goodness!)

3.) Antique Cow Bell from Gstaad, Switzerland.

4.) Faux Taxidermy Rhino.

5.) Cute Little Vintage Brass Rhino.

6.) Beaded Necklace from a Stone Town, Zanzibar street vendor.


1.) Brett Roth: the most elusive and exotic animal in my collection.

2.) Photo of Brett and I on the Seine.

4.) African Mudcloth Pillow.

5.) More Travel Books! You can never have too many!


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