QUIZ: What Front Door Paint Color Fits Your Personality?

QUIZ: What Front Door Paint Color Fits Your Personality?

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you know I say this a lot: your front door is the first chance anyone has to experience your home, so it better be a good experience!  But seriously, the front door can be a sign of all the cool style moments, smart design choices, or awesome PEOPLE that await inside.  And all of those things in your home say something about YOU and who YOU are.  So really, the front door of your home can and should express your personality.  But with there being a humongous sea of options, how does one choose the front door paint color that fits their personality?!  I’ll tell you how: I’ll tell you.  Ha!  I’ve painted more front doors than I can count and every person whose door I painted was exponentially different than the last.  So I have a really good understanding of front door paint colors and personalities, okay?  And I made this handy quiz to help you nail yours down.

If you see the spinning circle, don’t click away!  That means the quiz is calculating your results, and you won’t wanna miss the answer so you can tell your friends what front door paint color you got and see if theirs is the same or totally different!



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