5 Different Living Room Styles and How to Achieve Each Look

5 Different Living Room Styles and How to Achieve Each Look

From farmhouse to midcentury modern, there are many different living room design styles to choose from. And if you have my book “House Story”, you know one of my biggest pieces of advice is sticking to one design style when renovating or revamping a space in your home. A space to gather with family and friends, relax with a good book or your favorite show, and cozy up on a weekend afternoon, the living room is typically one of the rooms you’ll spend the most time in. If you’re searching for some living room inspiration, read on for five different styles and how to achieve each look.

1. Midcentury Modern

If you remember Season 3, Episode 1 of ‘HELP! I Wrecked My House', it featured a midcentury modern home with a comfortable yet functional design. Between the large sofa, vintage-inspired chairs, and refurbished fireplace, the living room transformed into a completely new space while still offering a nod to the home’s history. While some of the items used to decorate the living room were found in vintage shops, I incorporated fresh pillows, our charcoal Camila rug, and a stacked functional coffee table. With a midcentury modern design style, don’t be afraid to choose unique and funky items!

2. Modern Farmhouse

Consider a modern farmhouse design in your family living room. In Season 3, Episode 5 of ‘HELP! I Wrecked My House’, the living room blended seamlessly with the rest of the farmhouse-style home while still offering a functional and distinct space. With light wood floors, a modern fireplace, and a sofa incorporating clean lines, this cozy living room became a space for the family to enjoy and gather together. Keep things bright and polished in a modern farmhouse with white or creme pillows and throws.

3. All Things Functional

When opting for a multifunctional living room, it’s essential to ensure the design and style of the room feels cohesive. Like in Season 3, Episode 4 of ‘HELP! I Wrecked My House’, the living would be used as everything from an oasis to relax to a place to work during the day. It was also the first part of the home you walked into. Through intentional details, dedicated spaces and seating, and an overall light and airy feeling, this multipurpose living room is just what the family needed to help build their happy.

4. Coastal California

Whether you live in California or not, a coastal living room is always a good idea to keep things open and bright. Incorporate lighter colors, pops of blue, a textured coffee table, and as much natural light as possible to achieve this look. Relaxed and welcoming, a coastal California living room becomes a calming space to welcome loved ones into your home.

5. Refined Midcentury Modern

While we already discussed a midcentury modern living room, now we move into a more refined midcentury modern design. With a neutral color palette, rounded edges, and a simple yet elevated fireplace, this extra large living room from Season 3, Episode 11 of ‘HELP! I Wrecked My House’ maintained part of its original aesthetic while still incorporating fresh, new pieces. I paired our rounded Sundown Sofa with neutral pillows and light walls to set the tone for the room.

I hope you find inspiration for your own living room design through these projects. Click here to shop all living room essentials available on The Shop by Jasmine Roth.

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