Virtual Consulting FAQs

Virtual Consulting FAQs

Whether you’re renovating an entire home, remodeling a room, or decorating a new space, there is so much to consider! I’ve been building and designing homes for 10 years now, and with my new virtual consulting services, I’m so thrilled to offer my one-on-one advice and expertise.

There have been some frequently asked questions about how virtual consulting works and why it’s worth the investment, and today I’m answering your top questions.

What is a virtual consultation?

Great question! Let’s start from the beginning. A virtual consultation through Built Custom Homes allows you to book an appointment with me, or one of our designers. Veronica Valencia-Hughes and Lisa Rossman have worked with me for years and love to tackle the toughest projects. After you choose a time with one of us, you’ll have the opportunity to share information (you can upload photos and documents) on what exactly you need help with. Once it’s time for your scheduled appointment, you’ll hop on your computer and we’ll meet face-to-face (virtually, of course!) for 45 minutes to discuss your project and questions.

Do I need to do anything to prepare?

I like to think the more specific questions you have, the more beneficial this will be to you. You’ll be able to share your unique challenges, goals, and photos before our session. Are you looking to add a secret room to your home? Are you stumped on the ideal layout for your kitchen? Do you need expertise designing your primary bedroom? The more information I have, the more details I can share to help you execute!

Are you taking on any new clients?

While I’m not taking on new clients at this time for full house projects, virtual consulting is the perfect alternative. If you’re looking to start with a certain room or an overall plan for your home, I can assist with actionable steps, recommendations, and more.

Can we meet more than once?

Absolutely! You’ll have to book more than one appointment in this case, but I recommend booking these one at a time to see how much we can first discuss in the scheduled 45 minutes and go from there.

Why is a virtual consultation worth it?

Interior design and renovations can be very overwhelming. I get endless comments and questions about home projects and advice, and I’m grateful for this new space to talk to each of you individually. These consultations exist to help #BuildYourHappy and ultimately create a home that you love.

Click here to book your virtual consulting appointment—space is limited!


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