5 Things I Pulled Out of the Trash and Put in My Home

5 Things I Pulled Out of the Trash and Put in My Home

One thing my family and friends know I’m famous for: pulling stuff out of the trash!  Not just any old trash, of course.  But I’m talkin’ about cool stuff that people discarded or didn’t want anymore that I rescued and made new again!  Who doesn’t like free stuff, anyway?!  I get asked about my furniture and decor a LOT on social – and there are things I can’t ever share links to because, well, they’re things I pulled out of the trash and put in my home!  So today I’m sharing with you guys some of my fave trash finds to maybe inspire you to look at the trash or the side of the road (or the alley, or the dumpster…) a little more creatively! 😊


5 Things I Pulled Out of the Trash and Put in My Home


This black dresser-turned-nightstand was so sad when we found it!  My mother-in-law did her magic with paint and turned it into a beautiful piece for our bedroom.





This little blue stool is one one my favorite pieces of furniture.  I’ve used it for so many different purposes over the years.  It was just an ugly wood stool in the trash and a coat of paint gave it new life.





One of my best trash finds EVER!  I was at the Long Beach antique swap meet and there was a box of trash behind a vendor’s booth.  I saw something glass and after digging inside, found this light!  It took a lot of work and re-wiring by a pro to get it looking good, but when you start with something that was FREE from the trash, it’s ok to spend a little.





Headboard and nightstand: different trash pile finds but both now living in the same room.  This headboard was UGLY and left for the trash crew in the alley behind my house.  A quick coat of paint (same color as my fave stool from above) and we were in business!




And this is the nightstand – how could I let this little cutie go?!



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  • I have loved your Dutch doors since forever and I have looking for so long. Can’t find anyone here to make them. It would mean so much to me if you could share with me the person who makes your doors, Dutch, of course! And I do happen to be Dutch!
    I know it would have to be shipped but none of that scares me. You are my best chance, looks like my only chance to get my dreamed of Dutch door! Would you like some pics of my place? Anything! Thanks ❣️
    And Shut the front Dutch door!!!!
    Your dedicated fan… Vicki Fuller

    Vicki Fuller

    on January 31, 2024

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