6 Ways to Use Vases in Unexpected Places

6 Ways to Use Vases in Unexpected Places

Let’s have some more fun with vases. If you missed it, check out my style guide for vases, pitchers, and faux greenery. As you know, I love vases because they greatly elevate a room, but did you know they’re also super practical? Read on to learn my creative tips for using and styling vases in unexpected places throughout your home. The possibilities are truly endless.

Kitchen Fun

Surely vases are a welcome addition to a kitchen to show off flowers and create an intentional vibe. However, have you ever thought about using a vase as a kitchen utensil holder? Our Bolero Vase has a large, wide-mouthed opening and a sturdy bottom so it can double up to hold your wooden spoons. Talk about adding a decorative touch to your kitchen while keeping your utensils within easy reach.

Planters As Vases

Ever feel like your dining table is just too long and needs more oomph than a traditional vase can provide? I hear you! Say hello to our planter, the Michelle Pot. This beauty has a substantial look that gives any table setting a bit of drama. Plus, it won’t topple over if you’ve got small kids in the house like a traditional vase.

Pots As Vases

If you’re in need of a smaller, lower vase, try our Sun Dune Cachepot. Not only is this adorable for holding dried flowers, but it’s also an excellent centerpiece bowl. Try our desert-inspired cachepot as a breakfast nook vase for all the yummy morning feels.

Bathroom Storage

I love a mini vase in the bathroom for multi-use functionality. This is a scenario where our Chubasco Planter truly shines! It has the perfect height and width ratio to not fall over or take up too much space. This cute planter can serve as a makeup brush holder or store cotton swabs with style and ease.

Vases For Tiny Spaces

Try our terracotta Orla Planter with a faux or living plant as a mini-vase for the bathroom where you can get the same look and feel of a vase with fresh greenery—without fear of things spilling over.

Glass Terrarium

We spoke about using a glass pitcher as a vase in my Vase Style Guide. But did you know you could also use a glass vase to create a miniature indoor garden? Layer rocks, soil, moss, and small plants inside our Riverine Pitcher to create a beautiful and low-maintenance terrarium. This is a fun project to do with your kiddos.

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