All the Details About the Play Net in Hazel’s Room

All the Details About the Play Net in Hazel’s Room

If you haven’t seen it on my Instagram already, I decided to add a pretty cool feature to Hazel’s bedroom at ‘Camp Roth’. You know I’m all about adding fun, functional, and unique features into homes. When it comes time to #BuildYourHappy it’s all about asking yourself what will make you smile…and that’s the best place to start. That’s what happened when the idea for the play net came to me, and I knew I had to make it happen!

What’s a play net you might ask? Well, with the help of Built Custom Homes, Loft Nets and Shadow Rock Construction, we installed a giant net under the bedroom ceiling that stretches across the entire room. It’s a secret hangout spot that the whole family can utilize—it holds 2,000 pounds of fun! There’s a ladder on the wall to climb up to the top (Hazel will have to grow into it and obviously will always be under our supervision when using the net!). We’ve been loving coming up here to read books, play games, and relax as a family. We even had our friends over for a happy hour on the net!

There were a lot of initial questions about the net when I posted it on Instagram. The ceilings in this room are super high, so while I did have the idea of doing bunk beds at first, I realized we had even more room to work with. The net was custom designed by Loft Nets and professionally installed and engineered for this room. We bolted custom lumber all the way around the room and the existing framing was sufficient once we dispersed the weight around the entire room.

Sometimes we get stuck when it comes to what we “should” be doing in our homes rather than what we actually would like to have in our homes. Let this be a reminder that our homes can represent our personalities, tell a story, and be the best place to #BuildYourHappy.

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