Built Custom Homes Virtual Consultations: Meet the Experts

Built Custom Homes Virtual Consultations: Meet the Experts

Being able to chat one-on-one with all of you through Virtual Consultations has been a dream come true! Over the years I’ve received countless messages from you about wanting me to help with your home renovation and design projects (so honored!). Last year, I launched Virtual Consulting through my company Built Custom Homes in order to do just that and work with clients worldwide.

Here’s how it works, you schedule a time with me or with one of our talented experts—we have general contractors and designers available to chat with. Then, you upload photos of your project and we’ll discuss the best solutions, advice, product recommendations, and tips and tricks on our video call. After the call, you receive links to exactly what we talked about. I hope these consultations help you move into your project with confidence and reassurance.

Today I wanted to give a bit of background on each of our talented experts, so let’s get into it!

Jasmine Roth

I’m the founder of Built Custom Homes, curator of the online retail store The Shop by Jasmine Roth and host of HGTV’s hit shows Hidden Potential and HELP! I Wrecked My House. Building custom homes is my bread and butter and I love finding ways to make homes as personal, functional and beautiful as possible. For over a decade, I’ve worked with homeowners to customize their homes to fit their unique personalities, lifestyles and spaces. I live in Huntington Beach, CA and Park City, UT with my husband Brett, and daughter Hazel Lynn.


Veronica Valencia

Veronica Valencia Hughes is a Mexican and Native American designer. In her HGTV show, 'Revealed', Veronica and her expert team perform stunning renovations inspired by the unique stories of homeowners' family history. She researches her clients' past in order to customize designs specifically tailored to their personal heritage. Veronica has worked behind the scenes on more than 500 makeover shows — including 'Extreme Makeover' where she met her husband and current design team. She lives between Los Angeles and New York and is a mom of two.


Lisa Rossman

Lisa Rossman is the founder of LL Design Co. and is known for her clean and functional design style. After graduating from the Harrington School of Design in Chicago, Illinois with a Bachelors in Interior Architecture, she spent several years growing in the Design Department for Friedman Properties. Now she uses her designer’s eye and experience from over 13 years in the commercial and residential design world to create interiors that transform the way people live.


Amanda Maday

Amanda Maday is the founder and Design Director of Studio Grey, an award winning boutique design firm in Minneapolis. Amanda has 20+ years of interior design to create commercial and residential spaces with a hospitality focus for restaurants, lodging, workplace, and custom homes. She values the important influence a brand and personal story have on its environment.


Scott Cross

Scott Cross is the proud owner of SC Homes. Since 2001, he's established himself as a prominent figure in the construction industry. As the youngest builder featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Scott's passion for creating exceptional living spaces has been showcased on various HGTV programs, including Rock the Block, Hidden Potential, and Help! I Wrecked My House, alongside design expert Jasmine Roth. Based in Southern California, Scott specializes in crafting high-end custom homes. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he cherishes a fulfilling family life with his wife and three children.


We can’t wait to chat with you!


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