Essentials for a Summer Dinner Party

Essentials for a Summer Dinner Party

Summer dinner parties are a time to connect with loved ones, enjoy delicious food, soak up the sun, and celebrate the season. Before I threw my first dinner party I was nervous. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to spend time with my friends and family, but there is a certain expectation that comes from hosting. Especially when you’re like me, and you always wanna put your best foot forward. Well, it turns out I shouldn’t have been so concerned. At the end of the day, it’s the people, and the connections, and the laughter that make summer entertaining totally worth it. That said, looking back on my paper plates and plastic trays—I have definitely stepped it up. What I’ve learned is that being ready for entertaining takes a little bit more planning than you might expect, but with the right essentials it can be so easy!

The Shop by Jasmine Roth is chock full of everything you need to host the perfect dinner party. From linen napkins to Insta-worthy dishware, read on for all of my essentials for a summer dinner party.

1 | Linen Napkins

I love the color story of these soft cotton linen napkins. Opting for a napkin set elevates any dining experience to give dinners at home that inviting, cafe feel. These pair well with a number of different tablescapes, too. Throw them in the wash after using and they’ll be good as new every time.

2 | Dinnerware

Crisp white dishes are always in style, no matter the season. Our naturally shaped smooth white dinner plates are ideal for gatherings like a summer dinner party. Paired with our Altria Napkin Set, this is a match made in heaven that just screams cool, coastal summer. Shop the full Mariana dishware set here.

3 | Candles

Whether you’re dining indoors or outdoors, candles always set the mood for a dinner party. Create an inviting and romantic atmosphere with a variety of different candles. From candlesticks to summer scents, it’s the small details that make a world of difference when hosting. I like to scatter a few different candle holders and taper candles in the middle of our dining table for a fresh look and unique tablescape.

4 | A Variety of Bowls + Plates

What’s a dinner party without a few appetizers?! I love having snacks and bites out before a summer dinner party for guests to enjoy. From our Loch Footed Bowl to Mooncrest Bowl, set out your snacks in style with thoughtful serveware. For fresh berries, I love using our Seacoast Basket Set, and you can’t go wrong with our Alamitos Tapas Plates Set.

5 | Glassware

And last but not least, I love using cute glasses for a summer dinner party. I love the hammered look and feel of these large drinking glasses. Our Indian Wells Drinking Glasses come in handy for hosting; they’re great for sipping blended cocktails and iced carbonated drinks. They reflect light to cast a hint of glow on any surface, making for an ideal summertime drinking glass.

Browse more cooking and entertaining essentials here.

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