How to Select the Right Lights for Your Home

How to Select the Right Lights for Your Home

Lighting can transform a room from drab to fab and functional to fabulous. I’ve been so excited about my lighting collection with Hunter and I want to make sure you’re able to choose the perfect fixture to light your happy. It can be tough to know what type of light is right for your home, so I’m breaking it down for you with my guide below.

The Golden Rules for Sizing Up Your Lighting Needs

- Room Size: Let's start with some simple math. Add the length and width of your room in feet, then convert this number into inches to find the ideal diameter for your main light fixture. For example, a 10x12 foot room can accommodate a light up to 22 inches wide.

- Ceiling Height: For standard 8-foot ceilings, opt for main fixtures around 20-24 inches tall. If your ceilings are higher, you have the luxury of choosing taller pieces, up to three times the ceiling height. Just remember to maintain ample headroom.

- Furniture Scale: Your furniture’s scale is important, especially regarding tables and islands. Pendants should hover 28-34 inches above dining tables and not exceed the table's width. Similarly, floor lamps beside sofas should be about 1.5 times the sofa's height.

Recommendations for Lighting in Every Room

- Entryway: A pendant light that's two-thirds the width of your entryway creates an inviting entrance. Or opt for a pair of sconces for a cozy welcome.

- Living Room: Blend ceiling fixtures with accent lamps and wall sconces to craft a living room that’s filled with moody ambiance.

- Kitchen: Pendants over kitchen islands should be positioned 24-30 inches above the countertop for optimal illumination.

- Bedroom: Bedside table lamps should stand at a height of 26-30 inches for the perfect reading light.

Don't be afraid to mix and match. Play with different sizes, shapes, and styles to create visual interest. Don’t forget to have fun and express your personal style!

Creative Lighting Tips to Inspire You

- Cluster pendants: Group smaller pendants of varying heights for a modern, dynamic look.

- Statement pieces: Make a bold statement with a large pendant or chandelier in a high-ceilinged space.

- Sconce symmetry: Flanking doorways, mirrors, or artwork with matching sconces adds sophistication and balance.

- Hidden gems: Tuck recessed lights into shelves or cabinets for subtle accent lighting.

Choosing the right size light fixture is all about considering scale, function, and your personal style. With my tips and a little creativity, you can illuminate your home while creating beautiful and functional spaces.

I hope this article helps you light your happy and allows you to choose the best lights for your home. Check out the Jasmine Roth + Hunter Collection here for more inspiration.


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