I Bought a Condo Up the Street!

I Bought a Condo Up the Street!

Oops! I Did It Again!

Yep, you heard correctly. I bought another condo.

If you followed along with my Mom’s condo surprise over on my Instagram and on HGTV’s on TikTok, you know how excited I was during the whole design process. I realized that working in a space that’s not a single family home was a great opportunity to grow as a designer. I also learned that creating a truly happy home in a building with multiple units had to be approached with a whole new way of thinking and seeing.

Why did I buy the condo?

Well, I've been lucky enough to work with some of the best local vendors around the OC and I’m so proud of the work we’ve done together. Seriously, these guys and gals rock. So I started thinking about how I could make those collaborations a bigger part of my everyday work and share them with the community at large. That’s when it hit me - I need to do a Jasmine Roth Concept House!

The idea of a Concept House where I could partner with all the awesome local vendors here and test and show off all of the products I’m stocking in my shop was the perfect solution.

PLUS I love having the Condo by the Beach as a way to share all my design ideas and styling tips with you online too. So my brilliant idea (haha!) of a Concept House checked all of my happy home boxes.


Wanna see what it looked like before? Check it out above!

This new journey of mine is as much about learning for me as I hope it can be for you. I hope it gets us all thinking beyond the internet and more about what we can do in person with each other. Since I worked on my mom’s condo, I have had more honest to goodness design and functionality conversations with my family than ever before. And what that means to me is I can bring that family-centered focus to all the faces and places and families I work with in real life and to all of you I’m virtually connected with.

Another great thing about my Concept House is that it helps me educate you guys about some of the non-design-y things I get asked about all the time. I’m talking about the not-so-fun, tough questions about real estate, resale value and conscious spending during a renovation. I’m all about keeping it real and if I can help just one person figure out how to make the whole process - the good, the bad and the ugly - an easy and happy experience, it would make my job even better.

Ok, you guys - I’ve been holding out on the BEST part. I’ve just listed the Condo-By-The-Beach FOR SALE! Check it out right here. I think the listing nailed all the best features in the condo, especially all the special details that make it perfect for cooking and entertaining enthusiasts. They even mentioned all the vintage details that give it a true custom feel.

Let’s Start the tour!

Edinger Sofa / Amy Throw / Ocean Park Coffee Table / Ayla Chip and Dip Basket / Riley Pillow / Rowan Pillow / Dustin Pillow / Mira Candle / Luna Doormat / Grayson Basket Set

The Living Space

My goal for the living room was to give it a vintage vibe with lots of neutrals that I could add pops of muted colors and textures to. I decided on the mirror wall since I could not only add in that vintage vibe, but I could create the feeling of a larger space with the reflections. I feel like this room encourages people to add in their own pieces that help tell their house story within a framework that flatters the layout and maximizes the small space.

One of my favorite spots in the living space is the writing desk nook. Rethinking the peek-a-boo window area, I loved the idea of creating a work from home nook (or even a sophisticated homework spot) where you could feel cozy & tucked away from the more social parts of the condo.

Since the living room was built on a neutral palette, I had a lot of fun picking out pillows and accents from my shop that livened up the space with pattern and texture.

Featured Product title

The Outdoor Space

[NOTE: This outdoor living space is a natural extension to the living room and can be used as a living room extension when hosting events.]

The patio area gave me a place to really get more personal and tell a great House Story! A little bit beachy and a little bit exotic was what I was going for as a nice contrast to the indoor living room. I used lots of plants from my shop (they’re fake! Can you believe it?), tons of natural fiber pillows and coordinated shades of yellow with new and old pieces - the vintage surfboard and the metal side table that holds an oversized, woven grass chip & dip tray. Gotta eat, right?



Gotcha! These ferns aren’t real!

The Dining Space

In the Condo-by-the-Beach, we were working with limited space, so I was down for the challenge of making the most of the small dining area. I wanted it to feel like the “best table in the house” in a small, but charming restaurant. Cue the vintage look gilded statement mirror and glam chairs! A round table worked best in this spot so I topped it with a stoneware planter and neutral flowers that mimicked the shape of the table base below it. I also layered in texture above and below with the patterned woven rug and the soft, abstract design of the wall hanging.

Condo by the Beach

The Bedroom

The bedroom in the Condo-by the-Beach makes me so happy. It was my number one goal to make the bedroom a peaceful calm spot where you can relax, but also a room where you could feel energized and excited to start your day.

Featured Product title
Baruna Bed
From $1,600.00 - $1,900.00 Quick view


The Kitchen

Okay guys, this is when it gets real! The kitchen is fully equipped and you can see into it from the dining area. So this is where I needed to bring in the WOW! factor. I did a major upgrade to make the kitchen look and feel pretty darn luxe. New marble countertops, hidden panel ready appliances, the Bertazzoni range, Kohler fixtures in a modern brass finish and gorgeous custom cabinets I splurged on. That’s the big stuff, but sometimes the details are what really make a space so I added TONS of small, pretty details that make a huge difference. I’m looking at you little green bowls and faux plants.

Featured Product title


The Bathroom

Condo by the Beach | Bathroom

If you know my design style, you know I love custom tile. I totally decked out the tub and shower area to give it a real spa feel and continued the moderne brass finishes I used in the kitchen. I also continued the mirror theme and added an oversized mirror from my shop above the vanity. The trick here was to gain back the traditional medicine cabinet space which usually lives above the sink so I added a hidden art storage cabinet in the adjacent wall. And again, small details like greenery and standout waffle towels make all the difference.

Featured Product title

Kylen Basket Set / Alpine Mirror

The Hidden Laundry Room

Last, but definitely not least, is the laundry area. Technically, it’s not a “room”, but it is super cute and functional, plus it takes up zero space in the main areas of the condo. Did you guess where I hid it? Yep, I put it in the walk-in closet. Of course, I redid the closet to make the layout function with the laundry addition, but it actually ended up providing more storage for hanging clothes.The real trick here was to have the laundry built-in pull double duty as storage for towels, sheets, pillows, etc. Oh and this is a washing machine and dryer in one, which saves a whole step when doing laundry. I added woven baskets that wrangle all those miscellaneous goods, but also tie into the Condo-by-the-Beach overall style.

Condo by the Beach | Hidden Laundry Room

Condo by the Beach

I’m so excited to see who comes to the open house June 17, 18, and 19! If you’re in the area and in the market for a condo by the beach, come on down. I love seeing people’s reactions to a space I’ve designed - it makes it all worth it. Here’s the listing with all of the open house details. See you there I hope.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks so much for following along.

XO Jas


  • Everything you do is really stunning, I love your decor style.

    Terry Lee Leeson

    on July 27, 2022

  • This condo is absolutely beautiful! Love your style, girl! What paint color did you use on the walls? It looks kind of “sandy” ~ so pretty!

    Kim Fisher

    on June 28, 2022

  • Hi jasmine beautiful remodel. Great job, How can I up date a Mediterranean kitchen or what color counter top should I look for. I want to keep the natural wood shelving. Thanks. Have a great weekend

    Mary Gravette

    on June 18, 2022

  • What a great place !
    I’m in love with the beautiful wallpaper in the bedroom. What is it/Where is it from ?

    Ariane Rodrigues

    on June 18, 2022

  • Jasmine, both condos are just gorgeous! I would live here in a heartbeat. I love the way you omitted the shoe moulding when you installed those beautiful floors. Would you share how you were able to do that?


    on June 18, 2022

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