Jasmine Roth and Hunter Lighting™: Behind the Collection

Jasmine Roth and Hunter Lighting™: Behind the Collection

When Hunter asked me to partner with them to launch Hunter Lighting in 2021, I was ecstatic. Working with Hunter and getting to see the development process and their attention to quality, it was a natural fit. I’ve always wanted to create my own lighting line and dropped more than a few not-so-subtle hints with their team. Ha! So, I was thrilled when they asked me about designing my own collection. Keep reading to see how the design process unfolded!

A Harmonious Look

The most important thing in developing this collection was creating pieces that felt cohesive and distinctly my style. We scrutinized every detail, from finishes, to materials, and shapes. The questions I kept asking myself were ‘do I have a current project where I would use this fixture,’ and ‘would I put this in my home?’ The result was a stunning mix of metals and natural materials. Whether selecting the perfect rattan for the Brookhollow chandelier or the right sheen for the black finish of the Zola, the Hunter team and I wanted to make this collection perfect for everyone.

Love at First Sight

With a family and business to run, my schedule is jam-packed. So, I couldn’t see the finished products live and in person until the photo shoot. It was incredible seeing pieces that started as a sketch on paper go to a digital render and then finally a real product hanging in someone’s home. It all came together perfectly. Turning on each light, the details of everything really shined. The fluted glass of the Rossmoor and the sleek shades of the Carrington Isle were even better than expected. It was so rewarding to see our hard work pay off and see the collection up close.

More to Come

This collection is one I will always remember, and it is just the beginning of what’s to come. I’m already working with the Hunter team on future products, so stay tuned!

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  • So happy to hear you have designed lighting for homes. I am wondering if you ever incorporate crystal into your designs I have been searching for a dining room fixture that incorporates black, gold and crystal i one cohesive design. Nothing flashy just a tiny bit of glam and some California casual. Hope you come up with something like this. I will be looking forward to seeing all you gsve to offer.

    Jeannie Camsnn

    on January 31, 2024

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