Jasmine Roth Style Guide: At-Home Bar Essentials

Jasmine Roth Style Guide: At-Home Bar Essentials

From refreshing mocktails to creative cocktails, Brett and I love having an at-home bar to entertain guests. Over the years I’ve learned you don’t need a million different tools and supplies in your at-home bar, but instead a few curated items that get the job done. Luckily for you, The Shop by Jasmine Roth is chock full of everything you need to create the perfect home bar—whether you’re working with a cute bar cart or a full dedicated area of your home.

Read on for my ultimate guide on the at-home bar.

1. Glassware

Shop: Amberia Drinking Glass, Blanco Champagne Glasses, Borbai Wine Glasses, Neptune Wine Glass

First things first, every at-home bar needs glassware that is simple yet defined. Our Amberia Drinking Glasses are my personal favorite, and I love the unique textured design on our Borbai Wine Glasses. Homemade sangria, mimosas, and other drinks will look and taste great in these glasses.

2. Ice Bucket

Shop: Balmoral Ice Bucket

I love having an ice bucket handy to obviously keep drinks cold, but it also acts as a simple decor item in a bar area. Our Balmoral Ice Bucket is sleek and glamorous, and can be used in different parts of your house (bar top, dining room table, by the pool). Leave coasters and napkins sitting next to the ice bucket to keep your counters clean and to complete the look.

3. Cocktail Spoons

Craft your cocktails like a pro with stainless steel cocktail spoons. Our Modena and Catalina long-stem bar spoons elegantly stir liquids. These are so nice to have on hand for mixed drinks and to add a pop of metal to the bar. Set the scene with bright, citrus fruits and have guests make their own drink!

4. Cocktail Shaker

Of course, there needs to be a cocktail shaker in your at-home bar! Shake it up and serve refreshing, thirst-quenching drinks. Our stainless steel Orion Cocktail Shaker mixes well with our cocktail spoons so you can become a master mixologist in no time. This elegant cocktail shaker is a must-have for any classy bar.

5. Cloth and Linen Napkins

Elevate your bar scene with linen and cloth napkins. I also love using our Holtzer Napkin Rings to really tie everything together. It’s the little details that help build my happy. The real reason I like having napkins nearby at my bar or hanging off of a bar cart is in case of any accidental spills!

6. Bottle Holder

And last but not least, I love having a bottle holder to make it easy for guests to serve their own drinks. Plus, they also help prevent spills! Our best-selling Shoreside Bottle Holder is elegant, simple, and functional. Our Aster Bottle Holder is a unique way to display a bottle of wine, which I love utilizing for special occasions and celebrations.

Shop all home decor and entertaining essentials here.

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