Jasmine Roth Style Guide: Vases

Jasmine Roth Style Guide: Vases

Hey, friends! You know I’m all ‘bout that vase, ‘bout that vase (I couldn’t resist!). But really, vases are truly a timeless decor option for adding extra drama and dimension to any area in your home. But who knew they could be so versatile, too? Below I break down all the hot tips.

We’ve got some gorgeous new spring arrivals in the shop. You're going to want to see two statement vases I’m in love with. In addition, you'll want to check out other cool items in the shop that can double up as a vase and how to style it all.

1. Dual-Opening Terracotta

Just look at this dreamy masterpiece! I love our Blue Reef Vase because it adds a subtle pop of color and a burst of texture. Made out of terracotta and with the benefit of two different openings, this edgy vase lets you style small or tall branches like a pro. This will maximize angles and negative space. The matte teal color and striking shape of this vase almost give it an underwater, sea-like quality.

My Styling Tip: Try it with tall dry branches, fresh flowers, or an assortment of our Rowena Faux Rosemary Stems. The monochromatic green tones of the stems and the Blue Reef Vase will give your space a fun, ethereal edge. Think about arranging your flowers or branches in odd numbers to give the final look a natural, lived-in vibe. This tip works exceptionally well with this dual-opening vase.

2. Bold and Round

If you’re looking for a bold statement piece, our Bolero Vase is an absolute stunner! With a matte, white volcano finish, this beauty is perfect for an entryway, coffee table, or primary bedroom. This vase gives off pure sanctuary vibes, wouldn’t you agree? You’ll love the soft play on texture—it’s even prettier in person.

My Styling Tip: I love adding this to table tops or shelves. It’s pretty with or without stems. I like it with baby's breath for a gorgeous, light, and airy combo. Keep in mind that a tall, narrow vase can draw the eye upward. In contrast, a wide vase like our Bolero Vase can create a sense of fullness and help anchor an area of your home.

3. Mixed Greens

Attractive, lifelike faux stems can really update a space. Blending serene tonal colors gives spaces depth, but also feels relaxing. Two of my favorites from my shop are The Cora Faux Plant and the previously mentioned Rowena Faux Rosemary Stem. These stems are super easy to style in containers, vases, or water vessels to add height and interest. Both of these plants offer beautiful dimensions and textures.

My Styling Tip: I love the effortless versatility of these nature-inspired stems. A neat trick for styling faux stems is to place them on high shelves or even on a front porch. You’ll have the beauty of greenery that you don’t have to worry about watering or being destroyed by the elements, one of the reasons I love faux plants!

4. Ceramic Water Vase

I love a dual-purpose styling moment and our Mariana Pitcher delivers in spades! This old-world pitcher has a retro watering can vibe while also serving up that minimalistic coolness I’m really into. You’ll love this stoneware ceramic vessel for serving sangria and homemade drinks—and as a beautiful vase for fresh florals.

My Styling Tip: The Mariana Pitcher looks gorgeous in a kitchen, luxurious bathroom, or in a reading nook in a bedroom. This find from Portugal will add charm to any space in your home.

5. Glass Water Vase

I love clear glass pitchers because they allow the sun’s rays to bounce against the water or colored liquid inside. Our Riverine Pitcher feels light and refreshing while also adding some weight to a kitchen island when styled as a vase with florals or stems.

My Styling Tip: The uniqueness of hand-blown glass is unmatched in my book and our Riverine Pitcher seems to marry the look of hammered metal and vintage glass. It makes for an excellent serving pitcher, but also as a vase that brings subtle texture and a lot of interest to any room.

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