Jasmine’s Favorite Gifts to Give

Jasmine’s Favorite Gifts to Give

There’s always a reason to celebrate! From birthday gifts to hostess gifts, I must say, The Shop by Jasmine Roth is full of some pretty cute gift ideas. I’m talking cozy home decor like candles and throws to the ultimate kitchen essentials like wine glasses and linen napkins.

I love to show others how to curate the perfect gift for someone you love—shop with intention and choose a few unique items that will help them #BuildYourHappy. Read on for some of my favorite gifts to give all of the different people in your life.

For the Hostess

If a friend is hosting an event or dinner at their home, I love showing up with a small gift to show my appreciation! Or, if a friend has recently moved or purchased a new home, I love utilizing these ideas as a house warming present. When I think hostess, I think someone who loves to cook and entertain (and always does a fabulous job at it!). Here’s what I’m buying for the ultimate hostess.

For the Homebody

Slow mornings and cozy nights at home are what it’s all about! For someone who greatly appreciates time at home, I love gifting items that represent just that. Candles, throw blankets, coffee table books, and more, here’s what to gift the homebody in your life.

For the Chef

For the creative cooks and bakers, here’s what’s in my shopping cart. We all know and love these people because they fill our tummies with delicious creations! Make their job seamless by gifting these kitchen essentials.

For the New Mom

The Shop by Jasmine Roth offers a thoughtful selection of gifts that will make any new mom feel cherished and appreciated. From storage solutions to the coziest “Build Your Happy” crewneck to remind her to keep moving forward, these gifts are perfect for any mom.

While I could go on and on with even more gift ideas, let’s leave it at that! Did you receive or purchase a gift from The Shop by Jasmine Roth recently? Tag #MyJasmineRothStyle on Instagram so we can see it and repost! Browse online or visit us at our pop-up shop in Long Beach to curate a gift for someone special in your life.

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