Jasmine’s Favorite Rugs From The Shop

Jasmine’s Favorite Rugs From The Shop

I love choosing rugs for different projects and homes for so many different reasons. From refreshing a space to tying in the overall color palette, rugs play a big role when styling a home. They aren’t to be overlooked! When there’s that perfect rug in a home, it really completes the space. I also love swapping out rugs in my own home when I’m craving a fresh space and a slightly different feel.

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Clementine Rug
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Maddox Rug
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Take a look at my complete rug style guide for some tips and tricks on selecting and styling rugs. While there are tons of different rug styles to choose from, I’ve narrowed down five of my favorite rugs that you can purchase from my shop.

1. Camila Rug

Why I Love It: I love incorporating the Camila Rug into a home when I’m striving for a bit of a darker tone and moodier vibe for the space. The cream details and tassels give this rug a nice contrast!

2. Bailey Rug

Why I Love It: I love to brighten up a room with the Bailey Rug, especially when incorporating a beachy feel into a home. This handwoven rug is a beautiful statement piece.

3. Leilani Rug

Why I Love It: I love the Leilani Rug in a bedroom, like pictured above. This rug offers beautiful neutral details while allowing the other colors in the room to stand out. Plus, it’s a high-performance indoor/outdoor rug!

4. Clementine Rug

Why I Love It: I love the warm yet neutral tones the Clementine Rug brings to a room. The sandy, sunset hues offer a welcoming feel and a luxury look to a number of different design styles.

5. Maddox Rug

Why I Love It: I’ve used the Maddox Rug in a number of different projects, for good reason! It’s a neutral, outdoor-safe, high-quality rug that you can layer other rugs on top of to really set the tone of your space.

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