Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Home + Spring Refresh

Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Home + Spring Refresh

There’s nothing like a new season to bring about the urge to clean, organize, and refresh your home! I’m sharing my tips and tricks to give your home the refresh and organization it deserves this spring, without going into full renovation mode. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to build my happy, and sometimes it comes down to the small details that might not even cross your mind everyday. I love being in a space that’s functional, tidy (for the most part, we all have those busy weeks), organized, and a welcoming place for all that enter.

So let’s dive into organization ideas I’ve learned that will help keep your home clean this spring.

1. Utilize Storage Solutions

If you’ve seen my HGTV show HELP! I Wrecked My House, you know I love incorporating hidden features into homes. From hidden pantries to pool tables that double as a dining room table, it’s all about getting creative and seeing what’s possible! You don’t need custom pieces to utilize storage solutions either—I love seeing how I can work with different baskets, furniture pieces and other practical solutions to organize things around the home. Consider using kitchen cabinets to store appliances and pantry essentials. Another great way to maximize storage in your home is by utilizing vertical space. This can be achieved by adding shelves or hooks to your walls, or by installing a hanging rack in your kitchen to free up cabinet space.

2. Invest in Functional Items

While certain items in your home are solely intended for decorative purposes, others have a multifunctional design that enables them to serve multiple purposes. Think about how you can make your home even more functional. Can you utilize cabinets or trunks for shoe storage? What about making your refrigerator easy to navigate with drawers and small storage baskets? Maybe pots and baskets can be used in a more creative way? I like making sure I’m taking advantage of a space and utilizing it in the best way possible. Home organization always goes back to functionality!

3. Declutter Before You Refresh

I know, I know, the most fun part about refreshing a home is buying a few new items to bring into your space—think bright pillows, soft throws, vases and other items that catch your eye. It’s important to declutter and go through items before you begin to act on what you want to change about the space. You’ll know what you are getting rid of versus keeping, where you’ll need to utilize organizational storage solutions, and what you really want to invest in to make your space feel new.

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