Help! I Wrecked My House Season 4, Episode 7: Modern Coastal California

Help! I Wrecked My House Season 4, Episode 7: Modern Coastal California

Project Overview:


Tawny and Scott




Homeowners Tawny and Scott didn’t make any major changes to their house for 10 years. With three daughters, life got busy, and they didn’t have the time to make this house their own—until now. The couple used a HELOC (home equity line of credit) to invest in their home; so it was very important to stick to this budget. With a large, unsafe front window, holes in the walls, and outdated features throughout the home, I was ready to tackle this project on this week’s episode of ‘Help! I Wrecked My House’.


My vision for this house was to create a family-friendly design where everyone would be happy. With a design style described as beachy and clean, I  incorporated a light color palette and rich textures throughout the home. I had 10 weeks to complete this project and a lot of work to do. We ended up discovering black mold in the bathroom, and the kitchen, fireplace, and floors had to all be ripped out—this was definitely a job for a professional. With three girls who love doing arts and crafts and playing in the house, durability was super important for this project.

The Inspiration:

Design Style: Modern Coastal

The Kitchen:

The Dining Room:

The Living Room:

Main Bathroom:

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