Rock the Block, S1: Main Suite

Rock the Block, S1: Main Suite

Project Overview

The Room: 

Main Suite (The Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet)

The Budget: 

I spent $37,500 of the overall $175,000 budget on the main suite.

The Plan:

This main bedroom and bathroom started out with a brand new, very basic design meant to appeal to the masses, and to not offend anyone’s sensibilities. This approach resulted in a lot of white and very little “wow.” I wanted to add some punch back into this space. When people walk into this room, I don’t want them to say, ” I don’t hate it.” I want them to say, “I am so totally and utterly in love with this bathroom that I am never ever going to leave it, starting right this very instant.” In order to incite such a definitive reaction, I had to add some serious personality into this space. People don’t fall in love with a blank wall, after all. Here is a list of things my team and I wanted to add to this suite in order to make it fall-in-love-at-first-sight-able:

1.) Claw Foot Tub! (Because EVERYONE loves a claw foot tub. Everyone.)

2.) Statement Lighting and Fixtures

3.) Elevated Tile Selection

4.) Plush, Cozy Furnishings

5.) Secret Door (adds functionality to floor plan)

6.) Warm Wood Accents

Read on to see how our plan for this space all came together…just in the nick of time! And keep in mind, this isn’t just about making the space look good, it’s about adding the most value. You’ll have to watch the episode to see what this week’s judge, Tarek El Moussa, thought of the rooms, and how I did against the competition.

Main Suite Design Board

Main Suite Color Story

Before & After Photos


Final Reveal

Let’s see how this formerly cookie cutter house looks with its new, California Casual design.

Main Bedroom

Value Adds in the Bedroom:


    • Dog Bed complete with Cute Bone: For all the dog lovers out there, adding this special space for their best friend might be just the added incentive they need to make an offer.
    • Vintage Mantle: This adds character and warmth to the room, making it feel like a true main suite.
    • TV Wired and Installed: The tv stays with the house!  Electronics like this always count towards an appraisal and it’s one less thing buyers have to do when they move in.  
    • (Removable) Wallpaper: This wallpaper makes the main suite feel well-designed and unique. However, if the homeowners don’t like it, it’s vinyl and is totally removable.

Main Bathroom 

Value-Adds in the Main Bathroom:


  • Dressed Up Vanity: We were able to keep the vanity counters and cabinets, which saved us some money. Instead of replacing the cabinets, we just dressed them up by painting them a moody dark gray and adding sophisticated leather hardware.
  • Relocated Mirrors: We also removed all the mirrors and medicine cabinets and re-used them in the rest of the house.  They didn't feel luxurious enough for the main bathroom, but worked wonderfully in the other bathrooms throughout the home.
  • Staycation Styling: Adding large format tile to the back wall made the space feel bigger and gave that "boutique hotel" look I was going for.  
  • Shower Square Footage: The shower is now WAY BIGGER than the original and has a really nice seat inside.  The hand shower truly makes this a family shower - ready for kids, dogs, whatever!
  • Clawfoot Tub: There is something so interesting about a clawfoot tub. I've had vintage ones re-enameled before, but for this house I went with a brand new tub that is simply styled to look vintage. All fixtures are by Kohler.  I love Kohler and use them in most of my houses, including my own.
RTB Main Bathroom
RTB Main Bathroom
RTB Main Bathroom
RTB Main Bathroom

Main Closet 

Value-Adds in the Main Closet:


  • Storage and Styling: We spent the most in the bathroom and bedroom, but made sure to pay special attention to the main closet, as well. We added tons of storage in the form of pre-fab cabinetry, and made sure to dress it up to match its en suite, adding vintage details and contemporary styling.
  • Secret Door: The biggest deal in this whole space is a secret door, hidden behind a built-in bookshelf, which leads directly into the laundry room. This really changes the entire flow of the floor plan because now, when doing laundry, carrying towels from the main bath to the washing machine, or even just coming in from the garage and needing to head straight into the bedroom, you no longer need to walk through the entire house. You can just open the bookcase and walk on through. Plus, secret doors are so much fun! 
RTB Main Closet
RTB Main Closet

This project could not have been made possible without our amazing vendors as well:

Tile: Zia Tile | Aztek Wall Covering: Elite Paperhanging 


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