Hosting a Backyard BBQ: Jasmine’s Favorite Tips, Tricks, and Must-Have Items

Hosting a Backyard BBQ: Jasmine’s Favorite Tips, Tricks, and Must-Have Items

Summer is here! The sun is shining, the days are longer, and there's happiness in the air. My family loves hosting backyard BBQs during the summer to gather with loved ones. Whether we are celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying the nice weather, a casual, family-friendly BBQ never disappoints. Read on for my tips, tricks, and must-have items for hosting a perfect summer BBQ.

1 | Create a Comfortable Seating Area

One of the most important aspects of a successful backyard BBQ is creating a comfortable seating area for your guests. Get creative with it and use a combination of outdoor furniture and blankets or pillows on the grass to create a cozy atmosphere. Depending on the amount of space you have, incorporate tables, chairs, benches, and more for dining.

2 | Have a Variety of Drinks

You can't have a BBQ without a few refreshing drink options! Drinks are something easy to have your guests bring in order to have a variety of good options. In addition to water and soda, consider having a signature cocktail or two. I keep a few of The Shop by Jasmine Roth Balmoral Ice Buckets around the kitchen and backyard. And if you’re wanting a more elevated look, consider stocking up on these dreamy coastal Buoy Drinking Glasses.

3 | Grill Like a Pro

Of course, the most important part of any BBQ is the food! Invest in a high-quality grill and prepare as much as you can ahead of time. This will allow you to enjoy the afternoon without being stuck at the grill or in the kitchen the whole time. My husband Brett and I both love hosting and cooking, which is why we love having these summer BBQs. One of our favorite recipes to make is Half Baked Harvest’s Crispy BBQ Salmon Bowls. You can’t go wrong! Consider setting out a few appetizers and snacks for friends and family to enjoy before the main event.

4 | Must-Have Items

It’s hot out during these summer months—there’s bound to be a few bugs flying around, which is why I always make sure to have an Overlook Food Tent from our shop around! It’s like a cabana…for your fruit! How cute is that? Our Bowline Door Stop is another must-have for me; when I’m hosting, I tend to keep the doors open to create an indoor/outdoor living space. I like to keep a BBQ fairly simple and let the food and good vibes do the talking! But one other item I highly recommend for a summer BBQ is cloth napkins to elevate the look. There are so many fun and adorable options to choose from like these yellow, checkered, and grey ones.

Happy grilling!


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