How I Build My Happy

How I Build My Happy

“Build Your Happy”—you may have seen it on our shop’s crewnecks, hashtagged on my latest Instagram post, or somewhere on my website. While I have been using this little slogan for years, I don’t know if I’ve ever broken down and explained exactly what it means to me.

So if you’ve wondered what I’m talking about when you see this saying, or how you can “Build Your Happy” yourself, keep reading. It’s something I think about and incorporate into almost everything I do, so let’s get into it.

It comes down to this, building your happy is about creating a life you love through the small things that, in the end, make up the big things! It’s about the intention behind decisions, whether you’re picking out a new cutting board or creating connection with friends and family. When I’m making decisions or going through changes in my own life, I revert back to the question of “does this build my happy?” Will the decision I’m about to make benefit me or my family in a positive way in the long run? Will this spark joy in my life?

A while ago, I wrote down what exactly comes to mind when I’m thinking about how I build my own happy. I’m getting personal and sharing it with you all.

Building Your Happy is…

- having a goal and working hard to achieve it, but also being flexible enough to pivot. Change is good and we should be open to new opportunities.

- is recognizing our personal boundaries and taking care of ourselves. Self care often means asking for help and not letting our ego get in the way of admitting what we can and can’t accomplish.

- is striving to surround yourself with environments (a whole house, a room, a piece of art) that make us smile. These should be reminders of good times, accomplishments, and happy moments to help us remember to celebrate. Celebration is good for the soul!

- is about allowing our houses to serve us, to function in a way that makes sense for us personally. It’s only when we allow ourselves to be real about how we live in our houses that we can start to feel comfortable and happy in our homes.

- is helping others and being the best version of yourself. When you feel good, you can help others feel good. Sometimes you need help and sometimes you can give help and each day this give/take is what makes us whole.

- never giving up, even when it would be easier. It’s doing the hard work (on our houses, on ourselves, on our relationships) knowing that it will pay off.

As you can see, Build Your Happy can have so many different meanings. While this is a brief look into my list, how do you #BuildYourHappy? Let me know on Instagram and use the #BuildYourHappy hashtag so I can see!


  • I’m not on Instagram so I will post here.
    I love Build Your Happy! I’m all for thinking about what makes me happy, brings me joy and how I can build more, bring more.
    Thank you!
    Our home has pencil art pictures of ships that my Husband’s dad did when his Parkinson’s medication was most effective. They’re detailed. One was a wedding gift. We have special pieces of all kinds of things from old to newer that make our house feel like a home.
    I garden and that builds my happy.
    P. S. I’m eager for a new season of your show! And I can’t believe how big your daughter is already!
    Best to you and your Happy Life!


    on January 31, 2024

  • Thank you. I have a few health challenges and having a cozy home environment makes rough days better. These are excellent reminders on how to stay the course building my own happy.

    Gail Gevorkian

    on October 15, 2023

  • I live your work, hope someday you will expand your area to los angeles county

    Dannette Thomas

    on October 15, 2023

  • I love your message and I ordered the shirt from you. I love it and I love your meaning behind the message.

    Susan Tajii

    on October 15, 2023

  • What is the GORGEOUS stone (and name of it) on the island please? Your daughter is absolutely adorably beautiful!


    on October 15, 2023

  • I build my happy when I am able to help our hospital patients and families all the help they can get and knowing that your help makes their hospital journey a little tolerable.

    Grace Ossowski

    on October 15, 2023

  • Loved this, thank you 😊

    Sharon Owens

    on October 15, 2023

  • That’s exactly true. What you allow in your life is what you get out of life. Thank you for the beautiful message 😊

    Kristin Lyngaas

    on October 15, 2023

  • Such great, down-to-earth, useful advice. Thank you! I think you are terrific! Can’t wait for a new season of ‘Help! I Wrecked My House!’

    Ronald Notarianni

    on October 15, 2023

  • WOW! I am copying the Building Your Happy list and framing it for my home office.


    on October 15, 2023

  • That’s a beautiful saying, it shows how to live life each and every day. ❤️

    Karen Newell

    on October 15, 2023

  • Jasmine, You have Good Intentions written all over everything you do and that’s why from the Beginning I have always been a HUGE fan . I build my happy by choosing to Do Good to others (even if they are not the most positive people) I build my happy by Choosing to be Kind … I build my happy by helping others go through a difficult time… keep inspiring Jasmin 💝

    Jen Lomeda

    on October 15, 2023

  • You always inspire me! I love the concept of Build your happy”. Thank you!

    Suzanne Al-Idelbi

    on October 15, 2023

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