The Work-From-Home Hacks I Can’t Live Without

The Work-From-Home Hacks I Can’t Live Without

Okay guys, get ready for some work-from-home hacks that, if you’re like me, you might be in desperate need of right now. Because it looks like these “temporary” work-from-home office setups we have in our homes might not be so temporary after all. With COVID-19 still very much affecting the US and where I am in California, most of the people I know are being asked by work to stay put.

And if you’re sitting at your kitchen table and using that as your command central for work stuff, I bet you’re starting to get pretty restless! Especially if you’re gearing up for distance learning for the new school year… which means you could be sharing that table with your kids!

Work From Home Space

I remember when our first shelter-in-place orders came down, we quickly ordered Brett a desk chair so he could work from our home at a table upstairs. Then we ordered another one because that one was too uncomfortable, ha! But in all seriousness, if you’re not comfortable when you’re working – no matter where you are – it’s not a good time.

Brett's desk chair

And if you don’t have the right gear or organization to make your work run smoothly, that’s pretty much the brain’s equivalent of sitting in a really uncomfortable chair.

Home Office

Sometimes being comfortable looks different than actually buying an ergonomic chair or setting up a fancy home office. Not all of us have the option to create an office within our home, so we need to find work-from-home hacks that improve our work setup anywhere in the house.

Working with Hazel

The Work-From-Home Hacks I Can’t Live Without

Taking some time to evaluate how you work, and what you need to have a productive workday at home, will make all the difference in your work-from-home game.

A Few More Quick Tips to Improve your Home Work Station


If you have a little bit of a budget for this, invest in some organizational supplies you like to look at. Sometimes a file folder in a pretty color will lift our mood more than a regular manila one. Sometimes a copper pencil holder will be nicer to stare at while you’re on the phone than a pile of pens on your desk.

File folders in pretty colors


Light a candle, get oils going in a diffuser, grab a salt lamp – make it feel cozy and special!


If certain photos or sayings inspire you and motivate you to do your best work, hang them up where you can see them from your desk.

Inspiration Board


…And try to stick to it! The hard thing about working from home is that you never leave work. Setting a time when you plan to call it quits each day will hopefully help you keep some of that work/life balance in check.

Working from home


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