Why My Baby’s Wearing a Helmet These Days

Why My Baby’s Wearing a Helmet These Days

If you’re signed up for my email list (that’s where I release a lot of news before I post it anywhere else!), you saw that my daughter, Hazel, needed to get a helmet.  If you aren’t signed up or hadn’t heard the news on my Instagram, I wanted to fill you all in here on the blog, too.




So for those that don’t know, about 47% of all babies end up having plagiocephaly, or in other words, a misshapen head.  Babies have soft skulls and based on their position in the womb, they can be born with flat spots on their heads.  Also, since babies sleep on their backs now, you’ll probably be seeing more and more kids with helmets.  So at Hazel’s 4-month check-up, the pediatrician recommended we get her head shape imaged (yep, that’s her head above!).  Brett and I had noticed her flat spot but were hopeful that all the tummy time (remember I even wrote a blog post about tummy time?) would give her a chance to even everything out.  Later that week, I took her to the imaging center and they broke the news to me… YOUR BABY NEEDS A HELMET.




  • Hazel is absolutely beautiful! Her smile lights up a room. Blessings on your family!


    on January 31, 2024

  • I am so glad she is doing better she is a beautiful child you are blessed

    Wanda Harris

    on October 15, 2023

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