QUIZ: What’s the Best Rug Style For Your Space?

What’s the Best Rug Style For Your Space?

Picking a rug might seem pretty straight forward, until you realize HOW MANY RUG STYLES THERE ARE. I’m not joking, it’s seriously overwhelming. But finding the best rug style for your space doesn’t have to be so difficult. I’ve had to pick so many different kinds of rugs over the years for so many projects (I can’t keep count anymore), including my own homes, so I think I have a pretty good handle on this.


If you’re having a tough time picking the best rug style for your space, EXHALE! I made a quiz to help point you in the right direction! If you see the spinning circle, don’t click away! That means the quiz is calculating your results, and you won’t wanna miss the answer so you can tell your friends what rug style you got!



  • Hi, I’m pulling my hair out trying to find affordable rugs. Thank you for the tip


    on August 15, 2022

  • Hi Jasmine, I took the rug test and got “Neutral”. I loved your selection and kept a copy of the ones I really loved .That way I will have a reference point when I shop for my next rug.Im from Sydney Australia by the way and love your easy going style (plus my best friends and I follow Hazel’s every milestone like devoted honorary Aunt’s lol).Thanks for the quiz.It will certainly help .☺️

    Susette O'Reilly

    on August 15, 2022

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