QUIZ: What’s The Perfect Wallpaper For Your Personality?

QUIZ: What’s The Perfect Wallpaper For Your Personality?

If you’re looking for wallpaper ideas but don’t know where to start, I feel you – it’s hard!  There are so many wallpaper styles out there that it can be downright dizzying trying to find the best one for your personality and your home.  It’s also a little intimidating to choose wallpaper because it feels like a sorta permanent thing that makes a big statement.  But if you just think about your personality – what make you YOU – chances are you’ll be able to pick a wallpaper that looks great in your home.  So I made this handy quiz to help you sort through some wallpaper ideas to find the perfect wallpaper for your personality.

The quiz is below, but you can also take the quiz right here!

If you see the spinning circle, don’t click away! That means the quiz is calculating your results, and you won’t wanna miss the answer and tell your friends what wallpaper you got!



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