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A Park City Wedding

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Well, let’s admit one thing, this isn’t a wedding blog.  However, when planning this beautiful wedding in Park City, UT last year, we read, relied on, perused, stalked (you get the picture) so many wedding blogs (for which we have the utmost respect and love for) that we really wanted to share our final product.

The day of the wedding was perfect!  Maybe not in the conventional sense ( the Maid of Honor dress was forgotten and it poured rain) but in the non-conventional sense, perfect.  The bride and groom were surrounded by the people that love them, the bluegrass band was rocking, the food was killer, everyone was laughing, and at the end of the night the guests fell asleep with a smile on their faces.  For this couple, that was perfection and that’s all that mattered.  Here are some photos from the big day – enjoy!

First, everyone got ready at the beautiful Washington School House Hotel.  Charming, historic, luxurious…the design, the service, the food…everything was perfect!

The sun was setting and it was time to eat.  Commence the whiskey themed, locally sourced, veggie and meat-lover friendly feast!  (Disclaimer — we know it’s not common to take this many photos of the food…don’t hate!  With a menu like this and a bride that was quoted saying, “I’m just here for the food” there was no way this dinner was taking a backseat.)

As the guests filled their plates, they were able to sign their birthday in the “Wedding Guest Calendar” that was created on Mixbook.  What a fun way to do a photo collage of every person at the wedding.

The bride and groom also had a chance to take some “candid” photos…

As dinner was winding down, the fun was just beginning.  Cue the photobooth & speeches.  The couple’s close friend Zack Nicholas sang a rendition of Drew Holcomb, What Would I Do Without You.  

Next up was cake cutting (a close friend made a mini cheesecake which was delivered on a barrel), garder toss (complete with regulation sized football), bouquet toss, oh and one more thing…DANCING!

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