5 Easy Ways to Style a Kitchen Island

5 Easy Ways to Style a Kitchen Island


While an amazing amenity to have in a kitchen, it can still be tricky to figure out personal ways to style a kitchen island. It presents you with a whole new place to display your style! Over the years, I’ve found that my favorite ways to style kitchen islands usually represent a mix of stuff I need to eat with, and stuff that looks pretty. Because while we might be tempted to style a whole flippin’ vignette on our kitchen island, complete with stacked books and layered mementoes and fancy objects aplenty, that’s not the most practical thing to do. I mean, this is a place where we prep and cook food!

So, if your kitchen island is a mix of 50% practical things that help with cooking and eating, and 50% pretty things – or even better, functional things that are also pretty – you’re winning.




A few tips to keep in mind…


This tip can apply for anywhere in the house, really, because trays are great in so many spaces! First, for the kitchen island, I find that using a larger tray helps anchor the space. An empty kitchen island can look like a floating expanse of nothing (BORING!). As a result, placing something large and flat on top helps take up some of that visual space. Your tray can serve as the base for the rest of your styling moment!





Next, if you have a pretty basket or serving bowl tucked away behind a cabinet door, bust it out! Combine function and beauty by filling it with things you and your family reach for daily, like favorite fruits, avocados, bread, etc. You could even roll up napkins and place them in the bowl to add a textile. Make it pretty and make it work for you!




My favorite tip, every day, all the time, in every space. Adding a pop of green to the kitchen island draws your eye to all the nice decor you styled, while making the space feel fresh. We want our kitchens to feel fresh, right?!





Since an island is a big flat surface that’s viewed from all angles, you have plenty of visual space to work with. Your flat tray, tall plant, maybe a pedestal, and some medium-height objects will add dimension to the island. Play around with the items you add or take away until it feels right! This is also a great opportunity to stack cute kitchen necessities: think stacked bowls, placemats, plates, and napkins.





Finally, make sure the items you choose for your island are varying in texture. What do I mean by that? I mean, don’t put 5 brass things on your island and call it a day. Make sure you pull in something ceramic, something wooden, a textile, and something organic like rattan or a woven basket. And yes, you can add the brass – as long as it’s mixed with all these other textures! 😉


5 Easy Ways to Style a Kitchen Island

1. California Cape Cod


Acacia Wood Carving Board // Porcelain Serving Bowl // Ceramic Serving Stand // Striped Dish Towels, Set of 2 // Faux Potted Hydrangea // Ocean Blue Side Plate


2. Scandinavian Farmhouse

Antique Copper Tray // The Nordic Baking Book // Round Iron Bread Basket // Small Tan Vase // Happy Mood Candle // Walnut Block


3. Coastal Style Cottage

Woven Seagrass Placemats, Set of 6 // Natural Cane Carafe // Recycled Glass Vases // Oval Serving Bowl // Rattan Serving Tray // Aqua Chambray Napkin

4. Southwestern Bohemian


Rattan Fruit Basket // Carved Wood Tray // Appetizer Plate // Diamond Patterned Dish Towels, Set of 2 // Pampas Grass Arrangement // Scented Ceramic Candle

5. Inspired by Art Deco


Cut & Serve Board // Gold Metal Coasters, Set of 4 // Calder Decanter // Mustard Vase // Salt & Pepper Set // Mini Black Bowl


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