Style Guide: Pillows

Style Guide: Pillows

Let’s talk pillows! Without them, our couches would be bland, our beds would be boring (and so not comfy), and our homes would lack a key design element. Pillows can offer a pop of color in a room or magnify those warm, neutral tones throughout a space. From handwoven detailing to subtle texture, there’s a variety of pillow styles to consider. Stumped on what type of pillows are right for your home? I’m highlighting my tips and tricks for choosing and styling pillows, whether it be in the living room, bedroom, or guest room.

1. The Boho Pillow

I love neutral pillows that have a fun element and interesting dimension to them. Boho-style pillows make for great accent pillows in any room. Our cream Hayley Pillow with fringe detailing pairs well with any color pillows. I also love staying with similar color tones for a neutral, dreamy palette.

2. The Versatile Pillow

There’s nothing better than a pillow that goes with a number of different design styles!I’ve used our Amelia Pillow in quite a few different projects, and each had a different style. The subtle, interwoven diamond pattern is just enough to make it stand out. This pillow is down-filled and comfortable; it goes great on a couch, dining nook, and cozy chair.

3. The Textured Pillow

A textured pillow creates visual interest in a space. I love pairing the Emily Pillow on a light-colored neutral couch or bed with other pillows. The intricate detail and texture of this pillow offers an elevated yet welcoming feel to any room.

4. The Warm-Toned Pillow

If you’re looking to incorporate warmer tones into your space, the Rylan Pillow is for you. The deep yellow color offers a calming vibe while still offering a bit of cheer. Whether it’s in an outdoor area or on a cozy couch, the Rylan Pillow will brighten your space in just the right way.

5. The Striped Pillow

If you ask me, striped pillows are a classic. They give off a casual, coastal feel while still offering a refined touch to a space. The Riley Pillow pairs well with similar neutral colored pillows. Add a bit of subtle pattern to your couch, bench, or chair with striped pillows.

6. The Geometric Pillow

Don’t overlook a darker, geometric pillow for your space. The contrast between lighter colored pillows and the Marlon Pillow makes for a great pairing. The Marlon Pillow is one of my favorites because of the distressed look and subtle texture.

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