The Kitchen Drawer Makeover That Changed My Life

The Kitchen Drawer Makeover That Changed My Life


I know, I know, you probably read this title and thought, “The kitchen drawer makeover that changed my life… seriously, Jas?”  Like, how could a kitchen drawer makeover change my life?  Well, if your drawers look like THESE, you might agree that it would be pretty life changing to have them organized.  Right?





But I finally organized our kitchen drawers, and it’s been a beautiful thing.  I’ve literally been telling Brett every time I open a drawer, “This is the best thing I’ve done all year,” and that’s saying something, because I published a book, I filmed a whole HGTV show, and not to brag, but I feel like I’ve had a pretty good year.  But these drawers were the dark cloud hanging over my happy kitchen.  We just moved into this house about a year and a half ago, and life has been a whirlwind since we did.  When we moved in, we did what most everyone does when they move into a house – we dumped our kitchen tools into some drawers and moved on with our lives.  Ever since then, we haven’t had a chance to organize these drawers, and it’s been on the list forever.  My first thought was to go custom with the drawer organizers, but when I met with my cabinet guy, he was less than enthused about making drawer dividers.  So in the final hour, I thought, “Maybe there’s something I can just buy.”  And there was!  I used these drawer organizers from Amazon, and they work great.  So for all of you whose drawers look like mine, here’s the secret…




Step 1.

Take everything out of your drawers.  If they look like this, I promise I’m not judging you.





Step 2.

Group like items together.


Step 3.

Install drawer dividers – no tools necessary, they just pop right in!  Make spaces for them that accommodate the like item groupings you made. (And rest assured, you can always move them to adjust down the road.)


Step 4.

Put all your stuff back in the drawers.




Step 5.

Take photos to show everyone how amazing you are at organizing. 😊





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  • I would like to know if you drawer organizer is for smaller drawers.
    Also the paper towel holder is that something that is sold


    on January 31, 2024

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