The One Thing Your Front Entry Is Missing

The One Thing Your Front Entry Is Missing


So you’ve painted your front door, your exterior is a beautiful color, and your landscaping is looking amazing, but what about your front entry?  I bet you’re STILL forgetting one very important detail: your house numbers!  Picking unique house numbers for my projects is definitely my thing, and if you watch Hidden Potential, you’ve seen my dedication to this custom detail.

It might seem like an afterthought, but your house numbers are just another facet of your home’s design that can really amplify your style.  And when it comes to house numbers, I really like to throw the “rule book” out the window.  Large wooden numbers?  Yes. Numbers displayed on a plant holder?  Absolutely. House numbers that are both numerical andspelled out?  That’s cool!




So I really want you to join me here in reimagining house numbers and expanding your vision on how custom and awesome they can look.  Lean into your home’s style when choosing them.  For instance, if you have a home with lots of handcrafted elements, some reclaimed wooden numbers would look great.  Or if you’ve got more of a modern beachy home, you could go for a metal set of numbers with wall-mounted succulents around them.

Once you’ve picked out your new numbers, make sure you complete the whole look with plants, a cute doormat, and even a mail organizer.  You won’t regret touching up these seemingly minor details.  Because after you do, not only will your front entry be more welcoming, but your guests will surely never drive past your house again!

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Peace Sign Doormat // Hanging Foliage Plant // Mailbox with Planter // Number Wall Plaque






Welcome Doormat // Ceramic Wall Planters // Steel Letter Box // Door Number Sign






Hi Doormat // Wall Mounted Planters (Set of 3) // Envelope Mailbox // Circle House Number Sign






Swimmer Doormat // Ceramic Wall Planter // Mounted Mailbox // Modern House Numbers


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