My 10 Favorite Front Door Colors

My 10 Favorite Front Door Colors


One of the number one questions when it comes to renovating a home: what are the best front door paint colors?!

Well, if you’ve watched my HGTV show Hidden Potential, or follow along on my Instagram, you know that I’m BIG on curb appeal. It’s the first impression your home makes to the world. And do we want our first impression to be a dull one?! Of course not!

One of the easiest ways to customize the front of your home (with major impact) is to paint your front door. Sure, your front door may already be painted—but does its current color say anything meaningful about your personal style or you and your family? If you answered no, let’s spice things up a little! Today I’m spilling some front door paint secrets to help you bring a little more LIFE to your curb appeal. Read on for the best front door paint colors.

My 10 Favorite Front Door Colors

1. Blank Canvas, Behr

This welcoming white is perfect for a front door. Blank Canvas pairs well with a variety of different home colors, making it the best option if you’re having a hard time finding the right color or making a final decision. 




2. Colondade Gray, Sherwin Williams

Colonnade Gray is the perfect warm gray color for a front door. If you’re looking for a fresh new door color that works with a neutral color palette, this is an ideal paint color for you.



3. Vintage Vessel, Sherwin Williams

This color, Vintage Vessel, is such a breath of fresh air. It’s a go-to color for homes that have a beachy or Craftsman vibe, and will look great from the street!


4. Vermilion, Behr

An earthy red, Vermillion is a stand-out front door paint color. This paint can be used on indoor and outdoor projects, allowing you to get creative and use it multiple times. It’s unexpected but so good. 



5. Hubbard Squash, Sherwin Williams

Hubbard Squash is such a buttery, satisfying yellow color. It would work with both Craftsman and even more modern home exteriors, and is sure to bring a smile to anyone who passes through this sunny door.

6. Half Sea Fog, Behr

And last but not least, I think Half Sea Fog is such a beautiful front door color, especially for those looking for a coastal vibe. It’s a blue-gray color that offers a peaceful and tranquil feel before entering into your home.



7. Georgian Blue, Sherwin Williams

Ahh, Georgian Blue, what a deep and rich blue color. Again, this paint color would work on more exterior styles than you might think, and it will bring so much depth to your curb appeal.




8. Copper Mountain, Sherwin Williams

An unexpected color that ends up amazing is definitely Copper Mountain. This color is a great way to do something different with your front door while maintaining a more cohesive look with the rest of your exterior. Pro tip: trimming it with a nice, bright white paint will make it pop nicely.




9. Baroness, Sherwin Williams

I know what you’re thinking: “Purple, Jas?!” Seriously guys, trust me. But with Baroness, this shade of purple looks so fresh and welcoming on a front door, and it will definitely set your home’s curb appeal apart from the rest of the street. You’re welcome!




10. Night Owl, Sherwin Williams

One of my favorite cool gray tones has to be Night Owl. If you’re more of a cool gray person than a warm gray person, I got you. This color is timeless, but also rich. Adding a fun metal door knocker will take it to the next level!


  • Hello – can you share the color of siding shown with the hubbard squash painted door? It is a lovely combination.

    Many thanks – this is a great post.

    Amy Strauss

    on April 24, 2023

  • I’m not a contractor or designer. I’m just looking for some help regarding the color that might be nice for our front door. Our siding is a greyish light blue.

    Hopefully, you can give me some guidance. I would sincerely appreciate it.

    Thank you,


    Art Beins

    on August 21, 2022

  • Our house is pewter gray with white trim and black shutters. I would love to paint our front door the Georgian Blue (it is now white). However, we have dogs that scratch at our front door. What do you recommend so the paint doesn’t get scratched off?

    Marilee Verstraete

    on August 06, 2022

  • I love these colors! Which do you recommend for a red brick ranch home? I am struggling here!!! lol

    Cindy Thomas

    on July 27, 2022

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