The Worst Front Door Paint Colors

The Worst Front Door Paint Colors

Okay okay, you got me – You know I would never tell you something is the worst.  That’s not my style!  If you love a color and it makes you happy, then it’s the right front door color for you.  I think the only way I could classify something as “the worst” would be if it was a color that made you not stoked to come home every day.  I mean, that’s kinda the worst, right?! So no, this isn’t a post about the worst front door paint colors.  It IS, however, a post with a whole new crop of favorite front door colors of mine that I’m sharing with you today!  These colors are tried and true, and I’ve used every single one of them multiple times on my clients’ homes.  And, really, my own home… “Rubber Ducky” as you see above was my front door color at the 11th Street Retreat!  I’ve tried to share a little something for everyone today: a good neutral, some bold pops of color, and some good can’t-go-wrong staples.  Which one would you paint on your own front door?  I’d love to hear in the comments. 😊





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  • I just love your show. You are always smiling and laughing. I wish I didn’t live so far from your store. However, there is always online.


    on October 22, 2022

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