My 5 Favorite Paint Colors For Fall

My 5 Favorite Paint Colors For Fall

No matter where you and your home are located, it’s true that the light in autumn is different. Because of a whole bunch of scientific reasons I won’t go into here, the light in fall has a certain golden quality we just don’t get any other time of the year. Most of us know how color and natural light affect our moods throughout the seasons and color and light can work wonders in the design of our homes.

When I work with my clients at Built Custom Homes, one of the first things I ask is how they want to feel when they pull up to their house after being either at work or out and about. I’m not just talking about curb appeal and yard or entryway accessories — I’m talking about how they want to feel when they walk through their own front door.

Even though choosing a front door paint color isn't necessarily a seasonal decision, there are certain colors that resonate with the season and bring some of that season’s vibe to your home. And let’s be honest, some colors look better than others in the different types of lights that come with each season. For example when the summer sun is high overhead, everything can look washed out so bright colors stand out and reflect the brightness, keeping the houses cool. Ever wonder why coastal towns and locales are so colorful? Now you know!

My favorite fall paint colors are hues that shine in the golden light of fall, but also make the transition into the grays of winter easier. These five colors have lasting appeal through all seasons, but I especially love them this time of year.

Rubber Ducky Door Paint Color

When it comes to fall paint colors, I like to think of this color as gold on gold. While it’s certainly bright and cheerful, it takes on a golden feel in the autumn light. It comes with the bonus in that it shines brightly during the gray days of winter and sustains a vibrant presence during the high days of summer.

Rubber Ducky DE 5390 by Dunn-Edwards

Determined Orange Door Paint Color

Orange can create an energetic and uplifting vibe and also bring to life the cozy feel of fall, especially when paired with a deep blue-gray as seen here. It’s also a nostalgic color that we don’t see a lot in design so there's definitely a uniqueness that a lot of my clients love.

Determined Orange SW 6635 by Sherwin-Williams

Red Bay Door Paint Color

This deep red shines all year round, but if you’re thinking about changing up your front door color this time of year, this hue might work for you. It brings a classic look with a strong, stable and warm feeling.

Red Bay SW 6321 by Sherwin-Williams

Gentleman’s Gray Door Paint Color

If you're looking for a modern twist on a traditional color, this blue-gray hue creates a rich entryway that feels familiar and trusted, but also new and fresh. The golden light of fall makes this almost-teal color really standout.

Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20 by Benjamin Moore

Raindrop Door Paint Color

I love how this color takes on so many different feels in all of the seasons, but it’s especially good in fall and winter when we all need a little pick-me-up. Paired with a dark exterior, it looks as fantastic in autumn’s golden light as it does with snow and gray days.

Raindrop SW 6485 by Sherwin-Williams

Whether you're thinking about painting your front door anytime soon or just looking for ideas and inspiration, I hope this post helped you think about light and colors in a helpful way. I’ve talked a lot about paint colors here so check out these other posts to give you some more tips and tricks for choosing your new paint color for any project.


  • There are so many whites. Which white is the best to paint my living and dining room? I think I’m going to use gentleman’s grey for an accent wall. Thank you

    Nancy Nester

    on October 28, 2022

  • I love the gentlemans grey if I were to paint my door. We usually don’t have much of a fall though. Goes from summer to winter here in the blink of the Your colors you picked are perfect for when rhe air begins to be crisp and clear. :)🍁🌷🏠 #nicestguyinmedicinehat

    Hastings Rick

    on October 04, 2022

  • I would like to paint my home with gentleman’s gray, whit trim and what for the door and which white?

    Maria Bradley

    on October 04, 2022

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