My 6 Favorite Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

My 6 Favorite Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors


I know, I know, choosing between millions of kitchen cabinet paint colors is some serious pressure.  But painting your kitchen cabinets an epic color is one of the best ways to set your design style in the kitchen and really make an impact.  This is the way to make your kitchen say, “I’m anything but boring!”

And yes, there are MILLIONS of paint colors out there, and that means there are millions of opportunities to maybe pick the wrong color!  Before you freak out, don’t – I’ve painted countless kitchen cabinets in my clients’ projects over the years, and my favorite colors have clearly risen to the top.  These 6 go-to paint colors are ones I’ve used over and over again on kitchen cabinets. They always result in smiles and happy clients.  Now here comes the hard part: you still have to pick one out of these 6 awesome colors!

My 6 Favorite Kitchen Cabinet Colors




1. Laurel Woods

I get asked about this deep green color, Laurel Woods, all the time, and it’s easy to see why!  It really helps marble or marble-looking materials pop, and it’s a great way to introduce a more unexpected color into a kitchen while keeping it timeless at the same time.  This color looks beautiful in a kitchen with lighter-toned floors.




2. Tea Light

Speaking of unexpected, Tea Light is such a great color to use if you want a light and airy kitchen without the usual white cabinets. This warm, minty green color looks amazing on shaker style cabinets, if your kitchen is leaning more Craftsman or Cape Cod style.




3. Pure White

If your heart is set on white cabinets, then you gotta go with Pure White by Sherwin-Williams.  Yes, there really is such a thing as the right or wrong shade of white – there are SO many different white paint colors out there!  This paint has worked for me time after time and it’s never let me down.




4. Underseas

If you’re looking for a pleasing blue shade that has green undertones, then Underseas is your paint color.  I love, love, LOVE this color.  It will work beautifully on both shaker style cabinets or a sleeker, more modern cabinet with a flat finish.  Bringing in organic textures through light fixtures or accessories will really help this color sing.




5. Cityscape

Cityscape is, in my opinion, the perfect deep gray color for kitchen cabinets.  It’s got enough warmth that it doesn’t leave the room feeling cold or dark, but it’s deep and rich at the same time.  Try using it on only the lower cabinets or only the island to make a statement!




6. Georgian Bay

Ah, Georgian Bay, my old friend.  You might remember this color from my post about my favorite front door paint colors.  And there’s a reason why… here’s a pro tip for you: I love to carry paint colors throughout a home’s design (exterior included!) to make the entire design feel cohesive.  So you could use Georgian Bay on your front door and also paint your kitchen island this color (and maybe your bathroom vanity cabinets!), and your home will feel really intentional.  You’re welcome!


Which of these kitchen cabinet paint colors is your favorite?! Do you have your own favorite in your kitchen? Let me know!


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