Help! I Wrecked My House, Season 3 Episode 2

Help! I Wrecked My House, Season 3 Episode 2

Project Overview


Kendall & Broderick




First-time homebuyers Kendall and Broderick bought their new home with a plan to renovate it themselves. They were looking to end the never-ending cycle of renting and moving so they were ready to plant their roots. A welder by trade, Broderick thought he could tackle the renovation himself, but it didn’t exactly go as planned. The two bit off more than they could chew and if anything, unfortunately, made the house worse. There were major gas and electric safety issues when I visited the house—and honestly, it looked like a construction site. Having owned the home for four months and still renovating, the couple was paying both a mortgage and rent on top of everything else. They were eager to put their own stamp on the house and move into their new home…they just needed a little help from an expert and so I got the call to help!


I was excited to get to work and give Kendall and Broderick the space they dreamed about when they purchased this home. After starting renovations themselves and ripping out the tile throughout the house, the couple discovered major flooring issues, including multiple layers of unmatched tile and termite damage. So first, we had the challenge of installing luxury vinyl floors to bring some continuity to their new home. Kendall and Broderick are very into sports, and Kendall’s father even played on the San Diego Padres baseball team.

After meeting Kendall at Petco Park in San Diego for a tour of the stadium and the locker room, I knew that incorporating functional storage solutions with nods to her family’s history was going to be a great way to not only make their new home functional, but it was also a way to fill it with good family vibes and warmth. Kendall and Broderick’s relationship had to be put on the backburner these past few months, and now they had just six weeks to move from their rental to their renovated home. With a style that Kendall described as beachy and cottage-like and a style that Broderick simply described as functional, I was more than ready to give them their very own boho beach oasis to come home to.

The Inspiration

The Kitchen

Since Kendall and Broderick had immediately attempted renovating their kitchen when they purchased the house, I knew it was an important feature for them. Kendall had specifically said she wanted a kitchen island, so that was a priority. The navy blue island (Kendall’s favorite color) with two barstools for seating was going to be a standout element in this kitchen. We took out the wall between the living room and kitchen and tripled the size of the kitchen.

All of the cabinets were replaced with white shaker cabinets and brass hardware, a range hood was installed and designed to blend right in with the rest of the cabinetry, and a large farmhouse-style sink would sit below the window. I also incorporated the quartzite countertop material into part of the backsplash to add to the visual flow. A special thanks to Marbleyard for providing such beautiful material to really make this kitchen transformation stand out. I wanted this kitchen to have a more minimalistic and traditional look and feel while still being bright and open.

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We knocked down the existing wall separating the living room and the kitchen to make for a more open and airy space. I spotted a great opportunity to add a custom metallic and glass built-in that would look beautiful from both the kitchen and the living room. And of course, this built-in would give Broderick and Kendall some additional shelving and storage space - always a plus!

Instead of just using standard open kitchen shelving, I called in an industrial artist and metal designer to help me create a custom piece that has some serious wow factor. The custom shelving divider was mounted from the ceiling to the kitchen countertops to provide a dynamic design element in two rooms at once. My intention was to make the two spaces seamlessly blend together, allowing for a functional entertaining area when friends and family visit.

Dining Area

With the dining area right off of the kitchen and visible from the living room, I wanted to play up the beachy boho style that incorporated the best of both rooms. I used neutral colors, greenery, and a large rattan pendant light to add visual interest and light up the gallery wall. We also added a live edge wood table from Lou Sarg Woodwork, and custom banquette seating, to accomplish this look.

The couple had never had a proper dining area, so this is going to be a special space for the two of them. It’s a space Kendall and Broderick can sit and eat, relax, work, reconnect, and gather with guests. The photo gallery wall showcases all of the couple’s adventures together; I can see this gallery wall sparking conversations about past trips and memories with their guests.

Dining Area


Since Broderick is a welder by trade, and he was initially excited about tackling this renovation for Kendall, I wanted him to be able to help out and put his own mark on the house. I called him up during the renovation to have him weld a custom base for his future dining table. It was the perfect fit for the live edge table created by wood table designer Lou Sarg that would sit on top of the base. Their first proper dining room is definitely a happy space.

This custom banquette reminds me of a modern beach cottage, ideal for their boho beach oasis. I utilized the same kitchen backsplash motif of vertical panels on this banquette to tie the two spaces together. The coastal pillows add a touch of both coziness and visual interest. The Banning Dining Chairs from my shop include natural solid oak with crisp white upholstered cushions, making them light and casual but also comfortable for long sits while entertaining.

Living Room

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This living room was a large space to work with, so I really wanted to optimize functionality. First, the fireplace needed a refreshed look—it was going to be the focal point of this living room with a beachy feel. We decided to not demolish the fireplace, but instead go over the existing tile using unglazed natural subway tile from Zia Tile with clean drywall to create a brand-new, whimsical fireplace with both modern and boho vibes. The inside of the fireplace was painted black, and I added a large mirror and art above to finish the look. The stadium seating against the wall gives this living room a custom, unique aspect with a nod to Kendall’s upbringing. From the stadium seats to the Pompano Sofa and Alameda Chairs, there’s plenty of seating for guests in this living room.


After meeting Kendall at the San Diego Padres stadium, Petco Park, where her dad played baseball, I left feeling so inspired. Kendall grew up at baseball stadiums, going to her dad’s games and getting to hang in the locker room. This memory is something very special to Kendall, and I wanted to be able to incorporate it into her first home. I was excited to turn the coat closet in the entryway into a more functional space for Kendall and Broderick because they love playing sports and being active together.

A custom locker-style built-in was what came to mind with doors made out of breathable, brass punch metal from the hardware store. I cut the punch metal to size to create the face for the doors, creating a whole new texture and feel. The locker room-inspired gear center is a place for each of them to store shoes and hang equipment, jackets, and bags as soon as they walk in the door. So now when they come home with sweaty activewear, it can be aired out and not crammed in a stuffy closet.

The Bedroom

Since Kendall and Broderick are such an active couple (I mean, they were throwing the football together out front minutes before I walked them through their finished home!), it was important to me that they had a calm spot to rest at the end of each day. Kendall and Broderick chipped in before we began our renovation process by priming the bedroom.

The existing bedroom walls were white with dark beige green colors, which really needed to be updated. I wanted to create a statement wall with a moody blue color with some texture to create visual interest. My contractor and I added a Roman Clay application using a thin coat of paint smeared onto the wall. The rest of the room needed symmetry, so I added two matching nightstands and lamps, symmetrical curtains, and a bench centered at the end of the bed. To break up the symmetry a bit and incorporate a special touch, I added different-sized, vintage-inspired mirrors above the bed. My Baruna Bed added that beachy boho touch to this primary suite, and the updated modern colors in the room incorporated an earthy, calming vibe.

Baruna Bed
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Jasmine Roth

And that’s a wrap! I’m really excited that Broderick and Kendall’s renting and moving woes are over. Now they have a vibrant home of their own, filled with happy memories, family nostalgia and room for them to grow and play together. Thanks so much for following along with us as we brought some much needed assistance to this couple looking to make their house a home.

Tune in next week - Saturday, September 10rd at 9pm ET/PT for Episode 3 of Help! I Wrecked My House. Watch on HGTV when it airs live or stream it on discovery+.



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    on October 04, 2022

  • We loved the flooring in this episode. What was the flooring (and where to find it) used? It was not noted above.

    Anthony A. Shalita

    on October 04, 2022

  • I was curious about the placement of the glass shelving unit on the kitchen peninsula. Did you ever consider placing it at the end? I felt like the placement cut off the usability of the counter space. Just my opinion of course.

    Ann C

    on September 12, 2022

  • What flooring was used in I wrecked my house season 3 episode 2.

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    on September 06, 2022

  • Beautiful transformation! Although I love just about everything you did, my favorite is that dining nook with the live edge table and pops of colors on the art photos on the wall. Great look! Love your show.


    on September 06, 2022

  • Watched & enjoyed both episodes!!!

    Helaine Yancey

    on September 06, 2022

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