Some Favorite Moments from HGTV’s Help! I Wrecked My House

Some Favorite Moments from HGTV’s Help! I Wrecked My House

I can’t believe we’re already deep into August and that in a mere 10 days, Season 3 of Help! I Wrecked My House premieres. It comes out August 27th and I’m beyond excited. Details here by the way!

So I’ve been knee deep in construction the last four and a half months and I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to see fresh paint and clean floors. You all have seen a lot of before photos, but they really don’t begin to convey the degree of wreckage my team and I deal with on a daily basis. Now that I have some breathing room after a very busy spring and summer, I always like to take a step back and remind myself why I do what I do.

Take Stock of Your Accomplishments

I think it’s super important that we all take a little time to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished. It’s a great way to gather up all those hard moments and see just how worth it they were. I wanted to compare this season of Help! I Wrecked My House to Season 2, so let’s take a trip down the memory lane, shall we?

Season 2 of Help! I Wrecked My House

One of my favorite design moments of Season 2 of Help! I Wrecked My House was this vintage window panel we installed in the family’s kitchen. It was so special because one of the chief reasons the family started their own DIY renovations was to make their home feel more open and inviting. Obviously nothing opens up a home like a window - so why not make it interesting? And beautiful.

Behind the Scenes - Installing a Vintage Window Panel

But of course, as luck would have it, we ran into a few snags. You can see me here trying to make the best of one of those moments. The window panel lay on the new kitchen island until my team and I found a solution to the installation issue. Thankfully, we’re a creative group and we figure out a fix within 24 hours.

And look how it turned out! That’s one gorgeous solution to a few issues the family had. Now the parents have a much brighter kitchen thanks to the natural light streaming in from the adjacent room’s windows, but she can also keep an eye on her children while she’s prepping dinner or on dish duty. Again - one of my favorite design moments, not only because it looks amazing, but because it’s functional and actually helps a working family do double duty.

Behind the Scenes - Vintage Window Panel in the Kitchen

Next up is a true HGTV Jasmine Roth secret. And a very funny one at that. See the picture below? There I am looking totally normal, talking to the camera about what we’re doing in this particular room. But look a little closer. You see my team member in the background mixing paint? He’s covered head-to-toes in protective gear, right?

HGTV Secret Revealed!

Behind the Scenes - Explaining What We Are Doing

So the secret is that when it comes time for me to explain what we’re doing in a particular room in every season of Help! I Wrecked My House, I forget to take off my protective gear. Yep, that’s right. I walk up to the camera with my mask on, Tyvex suit fully zipped up, and start my explanation.

And every year the running joke is no one says anything. Not a word. But then one little giggle slips out, then two and I’m like “Guys, what’s so funny?” And then I realize that I’ve done it again. I’ve talked to the camera in full gear and no one can truly hear me, or see me for that matter. It’s at that point that I shake my head and disrobe, so to speak. What can I say? I’m just really in the moment when I’m working. I love what I do that much!

Safety First!

Behind the Scenes - Trying to Keep it Safe

In this shot, you can see my inner hall monitor coming out. If you wonder why I’m always raising my voice and saying “Coming In Hot!”, this is why. Construction and renovations are chaotic. They’re loud. And I’ve always been, and always will be, a safety stickler. It’s actually one of the reasons I designed my “Coming In Hot” tees and surfer caps.

Did I distribute them to everyone working on my projects this summer? Yep. I also just love that phrase is a cheeky nod to something I say a thousand times during a project.

Featured Product title
Featured Product title

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Behind the Scenes - Teamwork Removing a Window

Now this behind-the-scenes shot reminds me how much it takes a team to do the work that I do. And I’m very hands-on as you can see. While I do spend a lot of time in my warehouse picking out pieces from my shop while I’m designing the after looks for my projects, it’s moments like this that truly fuel me. When we took out this massive one-piece window, it was one of the first moments when my “office work” started to come to life. Bye-bye old house, hello new happy home! Honestly, I want to be a part of every single “first moment”.

Be In the Moment

Behind the Scenes - Working With The Materials

Remember how I said when I’m working, I’m in the moment? Looking back at this shot from Season 2 of Help! I Wrecked My House, I thought this is exactly what being in the moment looks like. Taking the time to work with the materials, in this case paint and pavers, is absolutely one of my favorite things to do on my projects.

Like I said before, my job requires a team, but there are times where each team member gets a moment or two alone where we can connect with our skills and our passions and simply get in the zone.

I actually remember the afternoon this photo was taken. I was thinking about how these pavers could be so many things for the family whose house I was adding them to. Watching the concrete absorb the white paint reminded me we soak up our surroundings and that’s why my job is so incredible.

I get to help people build their happy. Literally. These pavers not only brought some much needed life to the back yard, but they also can serve as a blank canvas for the kids’ sidewalk chalk drawings or a quick game of hopscotch. And that’s what I’m all about. Family. Functionality. Teamwork. And endless possibilities.

So as Help! I Wrecked My House Season 3 inches closer everyday, I’m just taking some time to review my past accomplishments and relish every special moment. I hope you’ll join me for some of those moments, Saturday, August 27 at 9pm ET & PT. I think you’ll be glad you did!

Everyone deserves a little happy.

More Behind-the-Scenes of HGTV’s Help! I Wrecked My House

Scroll on for some more of my favorite moments and renovations from Help! I Wrecked My House over the years!

Behind the Scenes - Sharing Duties With The Homeowners

I love when I get to share some duties with my homeowners. This was a great moment when they saw the fruits of their own labor, safety glasses and all.

Behind the Scenes - My Favorite Bedroom

This bedroom from Season Two of Help! I Wrecked My House was definitely one of my favorites. It fit the homeowners’ personalities to a tee and they loved it as much as I did.

See the Episode Guide for this home here.

Behind the Scenes - My Favorite Family Room Wall

This transformation was a proud moment for me. Going from a tightly-walled living room to a functional wall with a family “center” was exactly what this home needed. Everything that used to end up on the entryway and living room floor is now tucked away in this custom built-in.

See the Episode Guide for this home here.

Behind the Scenes - Season 2 Episode 1

This project was probably one of the best examples of the words “Help! I Wrecked My House.” These homeowners literally dismantled their entire kitchen without a plan. But I love how it turned out. That tiled island is one of my favorites!

See the Episode Guide for this home here.

Behind the Scenes - Classic Mid-Century Mood Board

I always love a good Mid-Century project and this home was halfway there. It had some good bones, but some major challenges. As is, the space didn’t match the amazing family artwork that was displayed there and it was lacking a focal point. This place definitely needed to come alive! I love that the end result turned an ok space into a happy home and a tribute to the family’s love of art and clean lines.

See the Episode Guide for this home here.

Behind the Scenes - Season 2 Episode 7



  • Really live your show, Jasmine, and that your remedies are both reasonable cost and beautiful. S2E6, pans hang under a shelf, looks like rust on the wall where the pan hangers are. What am I seeing?


    on January 31, 2024

  • I truly love your show, and I am so eager to see the first episode of Season 3! I appreciate how natural you are, just down-to-earth Jasmine. You get right in there and do anything you can to make someone’s dream come true. And you have some of the most creative ideas! Keep on “Comin’ in Hot!”

    Lin Hemphill

    on August 21, 2022

  • I so wanted to be a part of this fabulous show! Love your work, can’t wait to see the others homes! Good Luck Jasmine tell the family hi!

    Debby Dickson

    on August 21, 2022

  • I so wanted to be a part of this fabulous show! Love your work, can’t wait to see the others homes! Good Luck Jasmine tell the family hi!

    Debby Dickson

    on August 21, 2022

  • I so wanted to be a part of this fabulous show! Love your work, can’t wait to see the others homes! Good Luck Jasmine tell the family hi!

    Debby Dickson

    on August 22, 2022

  • Yay for season 3 of Help I Wrecked My House! I’ve always enjoyed your shows and designs. I love the way you come up with hidden gems. Best wishes!

    Shelley Atterberry

    on August 21, 2022

  • I love this post❣️
    You are a joy to follow.
    What a team, too.
    Wow 🤩
    Made me cry…



    on August 17, 2022

  • So love all your hard work and your designs. You are amazing. Can’t wait to see your new season coming up


    on August 17, 2022

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