Help! I Wrecked My House, Season 3 Episode 5

Help! I Wrecked My House, Season 3 Episode 5

Project Overview:


Sean and Krystin




After a scary fire ravaged through their kitchen two years ago, a home renovation became too overwhelming to handle for homeowners Krystin and Sean. They purchased their dream home six years ago, and had plans to conquer DIY projects here and there. The first thing they did was move the washer and dryer hookups from the garage to inside the home. Sean redid the basement and a bathroom, but the entry level of the home needed a lot of work, especially after the traumatizing fire. The family was unable to use their kitchen the past two years, and there was a brand new pool in the backyard that was too dangerous to even access thanks to a broken sliding glass door.

Krystin and Sean needed experts to help them transform their home from hazard to happy. Sean explained to me why they didn’t hire someone to renovate the inside of their house before calling me: “You have architects and contractors come out and they’re like ‘What do you want?’, and we were just like ‘We don’t know!’” I was excited to get to work with them and give them the home they deserve.


Krystin and Sean bought this home because they were drawn to the multilevel floor plan. I was ready to make the entry level of the home livable and functional for their family. First, I was going to get rid of the giant cabinet in the entryway and kitchen that blocked off this main living area. The home was very disconnected with little to no sight lines, and they definitely wanted it to be more open and inviting.

The renovation to-do list included new floors, new baseboards, new lighting, painting everything, updating the staircase, and finishing the fireplace Sean had started working on. “It feels like someone is fighting the battle for us for the first time,” Krystin said. It was time to get to work for six weeks and welcome Sean and Krystin into the home they always dreamed about— with no safety hazards. I wanted to go with a light and bright feeling for this home and make it a functional space for the family.

The Inspiration:

I chose colors and patterns for this contemporary farmhouse design that felt intentional, timeless, and light. I wanted to create a space that Sean and Krystin’s family would feel happy and comfortable in, while also allowing the family to appreciate and love their home for years to come. With a bit of beachy inspiration mixed with a modern farmhouse appeal, the paint colors and neutral furniture pieces came together to create an effortless look.

The Kitchen

Because Sean and Krystin’s previous kitchen caught on fire when Krystin was nine months pregnant, I was more than eager to restore their kitchen. That moment was a traumatic experience for the entire family. Being a family of four with two young girls, not having a kitchen for two years had taken a toll on the family. This new kitchen would now truly be the heart of the home, a dedicated space for new, happy memories to be created.

By knocking down walls and opening up this home, we were able to create a much bigger kitchen than what Sean and Krystin were used to. Stainless steel appliances, beautiful countertops, gray perimeter lower cabinets, and white cabinetry with chrome hardware would make up their new kitchen. My favorite part of this kitchen was the enormous island that starts at the post and runs all the way into the main kitchen area. The island is a space for the family to cook, dine, entertain, and just hang out. And fun fact, it’s the biggest kitchen island I’ve ever installed in a house! If you watched the episode, you know all about how tricky it was to get it through the door and inside the home. A new kitchen meant a fresh start for this family, and I wanted to create a wow-worthy space.

I love this quartzite island because it’s large enough to encourage spur of the moment activities, while also acting as an informal spot for this on-the-go family. With enough seating for the entire family, weekend breakfasts can be eaten here, arts and crafts can be created here, and prepping a home cooked meal can happen here. It’s a gathering place for the family of four, as well as a big enough space for entertaining guests when hosting.

Special Project: Post


If we were to knock down this post that stood in the middle of the home during the renovation, it would have cost us about $15,000. Instead, I wanted to take a different approach and make it an architectural feature of the home—while saving a big chunk of money. We wrapped the post in gray-washed reclaimed wood that gives off a driftwood look and feel. It gives the post a beachy vibe to match the rest of the house. Instead of looking like a toothpick was holding up the entire house, the post is now a unique, statement feature.


The Living Area

The main level of Sean and Krystin’s home now flows effortlessly together. I wanted to incorporate light floors to mirror the light and bright energy Sean and Krystin exude. With an overall design style modeled after a modern farmhouse, the open layout houses the living room area, dining room area and kitchen—so I wanted to make sure each area felt distinct while also blending seamlessly together. The light floors helped me unite the rooms and allowed me to work on outfitting each area with the functionality and comfort each space needed to work for this family.

The Fireplace:


Sean had redone the fireplace himself, but wasn’t quite sure how to finish it because the ceiling was uneven. While it looked good, I wanted to update the color to match the new design of the house and really make it a focal point of the living room. I wanted the fireplace to feel elevated and modern, so I decided to paint it with natural materials. Using a masonry treatment with a mixture of lime, white sand, and concrete, this fireplace would offer a slightly new look while still showcasing Sean’s original work.

The Dining Area

With the dining area situated with views to the backyard, it definitely needed a new and improved sliding door. We maximized the light coming into the dining area and took advantage of that light to display a family-centered gallery wall that displayed Sean and Krystin’s childrens’ artwork. This wall, visible from the dining room table, added just the right pop of color to the space and will encourage family conversations during meals about the latest artistic contribution to the gallery wall. I like to call it the family’s “art cafe.”

Hideaway Desk

Special Project: Secret Hideaway Desk

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love anything hidden! And if you’ve been watching my show for a while, you already know that. For this home, I wanted to create a custom, multipurpose desk with hidden chairs that were disguised in the body of the desk. The whole piece would include three cubbies and shelves for storing toys, desk supplies, and books, along with two chairs that would sneakily pull out from the desk.

Since I saw their kid’s artwork hanging up prior to renovating, I had an idea for elevating this look. I called Sean over to help me with a little DIY project to showcase their kid’s artwork. Using different frames and clothes pins, the art would be interchangeable and showcased in a creative way. That way, the space would grow with the girls. I didn’t want to have any wasted space in this room, so I loved creating a special nook for schoolwork, fun projects, and family activities.

Jas with Hideaway Desk

Entryway + Staircase:

Jas in the Entryway

Unlike prior to the renovation, as soon as you walk into this home you can see and feel the entire space. It’s open and welcoming, and the new entryway exists to invite in friends and family. To the left of the entryway is the staircase to both the lower and upper levels of the home. Of course, we couldn’t leave the staircase out of the renovation, and I wanted to make it safe for the family’s kids. It’s now reliable and protective, and incorporates durable glass from my friends at Deguelle Glass in Huntington Beach, CA. The light wood steps mirror the light-toned flooring so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the space.

Entryway Stairs

Entryway Storage

After finding this hidden shoe rack, I knew it belonged in this family’s home. Since there’s not a coat closet in this entryway, this storage solution provides an organized space for shoes and other items. Instead of throwing shoes on the floor or in the corner after entering the house, they can neatly place them in this shoe cabinet. I customized this cabinet by adding a tin top to really make it feel special for this family.

Jasmine Roth

And that’s a wrap! Thanks so much for taking this journey with me. I feel it’s so important for families to have a happy home that not only functions well for them, but also provides a place that helps create special moments full of art, imagination and comfort. I’m thankful I was able to help Sean and Krystin and their girls relax in a home made just for them.

Be sure to tune in next week on Saturday, October 1st at 9pm ET/PT for a very special episode of Help! I Wrecked My House where I’ll be sharing the renovation of our family’s cozy cabin in Arrowbear, CA. Watch on HGTV when it airs live or stream it on discovery+. You can also see it in the October issue of HGTV Magazine. I was the guest editor of this issue and I’m really proud of it! It’s available now on newsstands everywhere.

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    on October 04, 2022

  • Where did you get the kitchen lighting?? Beautiful

    Fern Lee

    on October 04, 2022

  • Hi, could you tell me where you got the light fixtures?

    Thank you!


    on October 04, 2022

  • I live in Huntington Beach so I really enjoy the fact that I can relate to the area. I just wanted to thank you for posting the paints, furniture, knobs and pulls, rugs, etc on your website. That takes the guesswork out of trying to search for something that you see on the show. I really enjoy watching your show.

    Carole Huss

    on September 29, 2022

  • I would love to know what brand and the name of the flooring that was used in this project. It’s exactly what I’m looking for but can never find in a floring store with too many choices.

    Kim Johnson

    on October 04, 2022

  • Love the kitchen as a whole! The countertop is a dream and the desk project was such a cool idea. I had a question though, what were the kitchen cabinet colors? Thank you!

    Dillon V

    on October 04, 2022

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