My New Favorite Paint Color & How to Design a Room Around It

My New Favorite Paint Color & How to Design a Room Around It

It’s no secret that one of my favorite paint colors is a pretty deep green. I’ve used the same deep green paint color a few times on my showHidden Potential, and every time I do, I hear rave reviews! It’s easy to see why everyone else loves this color: it’s a little bit bold and interesting, without being too out-of-the-box. It gives a space just the right amount of edge and warmth while working well with neutral hues. It’s kind of the perfect accent color, if you think about it!

In feeding my deep green paint color obsession, I started looking around for the ULTIMATE deep green. Because, as you know, not all paint colors are created equal. And my jaw hit the floor when I foundClare Paint‘s version of a deep green – it’s called “Current Mood.” Guys, this post isn’t even an ad, I just NEED to tell you how beautiful color this is.  It’s a fangirl post, really – ha!


Current Mood by Clare Paint

And looking back at my past projects, for the most part I only seem to use this color on doors (cabinet doors included). But I’m all in with this “Current Mood” paint color – I’m super excited to try it on walls now, not just doors! People change, okay? Anyway if you know me enough by now, you know I already created mood boards using this color. I just can’t help it! Which one of these is your fave?!


Design Your Room Around My New Favorite Paint Color

Do you guys have a favorite paint color?! Something that is super classic, and looks great in so many different ways? You know I love to find new ones for the homes I remodel, so give ’em all to me!


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